Zoey 101

Season 1 Episode 1

Zoey 101 (Pilot)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 09, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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Zoey 101 (Pilot)
Zoey begins life at PCA. She is nervous about the situation at first, but gets more comfortable when she meets her new friends, Dana, Quinn, Chase, Nicole, Logan, Michael. The girls and boys try to adjust to girls being allowed to attend PCA for the first time.moreless

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  • Pilot for Zoey 101

    This pilot was for the show Zoey 101. I felt like this pilot wasn't as good as the one for Drake and Josh but it was OK/good so I'm fine with that. I found it pretty shoking that Dana missed the last shot so it wasn't predictable. It was nice that they had a basketball game in the pilot so that was unexpected. I've definetly seen better episodes than this one by a long shot and this is just an episode to watch when your boared so I can see why some people might not like this episode much or even hate it. For those reasons I give this episode a 6 out of 10. Okay pilot for Zoey 101moreless
  • good

    Pacific Coast Academy, a boarding school that used to be just for guys, is allowing girls. Some students, such as Logan reese, think this is a bad move. So when Zoey Brooks challenges Logan to a basketball game, guys vs. girls, he gladly accepts. Who will win?

    It was alright. It did a good job at introducing most of the major characters for the rest of the series and it did have a good plot. I'm surprised the girls lost, but oh well. My final grade for this episode would be either a C+ or a B-. Decent series openermoreless
  • Logan thinks Boys belong at PCA more then the girls. Zoey and the girls need to prove a point by a guys verses girls basketball game.

    Zoey and Dana are Hot. Dana is the best girl at basketball. I think that Logan is a big jerk. Quinn and Nicole are the worst out of the girls. Dana is cranky and bossy. I do not like Dana or Logan. All of the main characters are in this episode:Zoey, Chase, Michael, Quinn, Dustin, Dana, Nicole, and Logan. We also see Dustin's room mate Jack. Lola and James are not in this yet. This is the only episode we see the basketball coach. Zoey joins the basketball team. The only episodes Nicole and Dana don't fight are this one, Defending Dustin, Backpack, Prank Week, and Little Beach Party.moreless
  • So this is the first episode of the show and already it's off to a great start. PCA Academy has decided to let girls into it and we meet the characters. But as you guessed some of the boys aren't as welcoming to the girls.moreless

    So this is the pilot episode of one of the greatest shows ever. Unlike most shows it has the theme song with the characters in the show so we already get a feel on who's in the show and what some of the episodes are.

    The show starts a black car driving to PCA with 2 of the main characters, Zoey and her brother Dustin. Since PCA is now aceepting girls into what used to be an all boys school, Zoey is really excited about it. Dustin being Dustin starts the show off with something random, he has to go to the bathroom. After Dustin makes a attempt at trying to go to the bathroom on a tree and a pep talk to Zoey from her father we finally arrive at the campus. The next scene is the one scene that not only introduces a huge character but a huge plot through out the series. A fuzzy haired kid riding his bike waves at Zoey just before crashing into a pole. Zoey comes over worried and he introduces himself as Chase. After Chase meets Zoey's dad who doesn't seem to like the idea of his daughter's first new friend being a boy Chase takes Zoey to her new dorm. She's pretty excited that she can see the ocean from her room. Chases saved her from a old sandwich in her mini fridge then warns her about how people are mean to people on the first day. Chase leaves to go save his bike from being hung in a tree by some kids. Upon that we her a scream from a girl.

    We meet the some what annoying character Nicole in the girl's bathroom who screams because of a urinal. We find out that she's Zoey's room mate. They head off to their room where we meet a very mean character Dana who is their room mate too. After Dana leaves, Zoey fix's Nicole's shirt then they leave to go explore the campus. The girl's stop at the basketball court where the guy's basketball team is playing which Chase is on. Zoey tells a very obnoxious character Logan that she plans to try out for the guys team since there is no girls team. He challenges her to a boy against girls basketball game. Logan being Logan asks her "Want to make out?" The scene changes to a different day where Zoey and a bunch of girls are discussing basketball. We meet the second last character who is a nerd. Quinn makes a remark "I once made a basketball explode" Most of the girls feel that it's stupid and useless to play so the leave which leaves 6 girls. After a practice the girls feel that they are gonna lose and that Zoey is the only good player. Logan almost hurting somebody throws a basketball with a note attached to it threating them that they will lose.

    The scene changes to the basketball game where we see the guys practicing and the girls practicing. At this point it's pretty obvious the girls aren't good at all except Zoey. Dustin hiding under the bleachers tells Zoey that he can't cheer for her or else he will get in trouble with some guys he knows but he wishs his sister good luck. It turns out Dana showed up to watch the game.

    Chase and Zoey wish each other good luck then the game starts. Let's just say Quinn is not very good at the game and Nicole thinks that dancing is a good idea to win Dana just nods her head at how bad the girls are. Soon in the game Logan injuries Zoey but Zoey tells that she is going to continue to play. Dana comes up to them and offers to help, Quinn leaves to let Dana play. Together Zoey and Dana get most of the points for the team. Dustin finally cheers for the girls and gets everybody too. Dana makes a shot which puts the pressure on if the ball is going to go in the basket or not. Unfortunatly it doesn't and the timer goes off leaving the game at 28 to 27 for the guys. Logan rubs it in that the guys beat the girls but the coach offers for Dana and Zoey to play on the basketball team. The girls celebrate with a party one which some of the guys including Chase and the last main character Micheal come to to apologize. They admit the want cake and pizza and the girls let them hang with them.

    Sorry this review was so long but I felt it deserved to be long because it's the first episode. This episode was great and we learned about the chacracters and if you watch future episodes and then watch this episode you may find some hidden stuff you never knew.moreless
  • The start of a wonderful series!

    This episode was the start of an extremely awesome series! Looking back on it right before the finale, this episode was LOADED with Choey moments. Chase was so great, he has so many awesome lines (like "You know what? I'll bleed, you talk" and other things when he was showing Zoey around). Compared to the rest of the seasons, especially Season 4, this was incredibly well-written and just nice and general.

    G G G G G G G G G G G G G G O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O Choey!!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • This is the first time Nicole uses the word "suckish."

    • At the end of this episode when the girls were having a party Zoey's bangs were in front of her head then when it was a close up on her it they were behind her ear but when it went back to normal it was in front of her face again. There was no sign of her ever moving her hair.

    • After Zoey was hit in the nose Nicole gave her some water from a bottle. When the timeout is over and the girls go on the court Nicole takes the bottle with her on the court and then they show the next scene and the bottle's not in her hand when she's on the court.

    • When Quinn quits the game and Dana joined, a little while later into the second half of the game, we see Quinn on the court even though she had quit by then and Dana is no where in sight.

    • At the end of the game, when Zoey had the ball, the timer said 00:02, however when Dana had the ball and was about to shoot, the clock was back at 00:03.

    • Tussling with the basketball is not allowed, so when Logan elbowed Zoey in the nose, he should have been put out.

    • When they are going to play the basketball game the coach says that this is the first annual GUYS vs. GIRLS game at PCA. But later on the scoreboard says Guys and Girls instead of home and guest. If this is the first annual GUYS vs. GIRLS game and the first year girls are allowed at PCA then why does the score board say guys and girls?

  • QUOTES (31)

    • Logan: Coach, are you seriously gonna put a girl on our team?
      Zoey: Hey, you catch on quick for a guy!

    • Zoey: (about the boys) Look, this is not about beating them. This is about proving we can anything they can do.
      Nicole: Except use those urinal thingies! Which apparently, they don't sit on.

    • Zoey: (to Dana) I'm Zoey. This is Nicole. I'm guessing you're...cranky?

    • Zoey: So, what's the matter?
      Nicole: That's the matter! (gestures toward the urinal) This is a girls' dorm, and that is clearly not for girls!

    • Zoey's Dad: (walking over) Kay...I got a map. I'm just uh...your dorm is Butler Hall...I'm just not sure where um...(notices Chase) Hello.
      Zoey: Um Dad, this is Chase. Chase, this is my dad.
      Chase: Nice to meet you, sir. Um, you know, I uh, I pass by Butler on the way to my dorm, and if you wanted me to uh, walk you there...
      Zoey's Dad: Haha, nah, it's uh...that's...that's um...(Zoey looks at him) That'll be great. Sure. Um...I'll just take Dustin to his dorm then!

    • Zoey's Dad: So, first day at a new boarding school, living on your own, away from home...it's okay to be nervous.
      Zoey: I'm not nervous.
      Zoey's Dad: Yeah I was talking to me.

    • Zoey: Oh, turn, turn! (tries to turn the steering wheel)
      Zoey's Dad: Zoey! Let go of the wheel. You're gonna make me have an accident!
      Dustin: If you don't let me out of this car, I'm gonna have an accident!
      Zoey's Dad: You can't hold it for just five more minutes?
      Dustin: I've got twenty ounces of water in a ten ounce bladder. Stop the car!
      Zoey: What, you're gonna go behind a tree?
      Dustin: Beats my pants!

    • Chase: I think it's great that PCA's finally letting in girls, and uh, you probably do too, being a girl and all. No offense!
      Zoey: It's okay, I'm used to it. Been a girl my whole life!

    • (Chase rides over on his bike)
      Chase: Hey!
      Zoey: Hey!
      (Chase crashes into flagpole)
      Zoey: Are you okay?
      Chase: Uh, yeah! I was just uh...checking the flag! ...It's a flag.
      Zoey: Um, I think your arm's bleeding.
      Chase: Oh! Yeah uh, sorry, that's what happens when um, when I get wounded.
      Zoey: (giggles) I'm Zoey.
      Chase: Chase. So uh, are you like a new student here at PCA? Okay, that was a stupid question, why else would you be here? I guess you could be like, dropping someone off, or uh...you know what, I'll bleed, you talk! What's up?

    • Zoey: (running into the bathroom) Hi, did you just scream?
      Nicole: I don't know. Did it sound like this? (screams again)
      Zoey: Yeah.
      Nicole: Yeah, that was me.

    • Zoey: Okay. How many of you have ever played on a basketball team?
      (no one raises their hand)
      Zoey: Okay. How many of you would say you're good at basketball?
      Quinn: Um, I once made a basketball explode!
      Nicole: How?
      Quinn: Chemicals...

    • Dana: Now just pass me the ball whenever you can, and stay out of the way!
      Nicole: Works for me!

    • Quinn: Can't we just quit? This is humiliating.
      Nicole: Maybe we should just forfeit. Zoey?
      Zoey: You guys forfeit. I'm playing.

    • Nicole: Uh excuse me, but have you noticed she's the only girl on our team who can play this game?
      Coach: Yes, I think everyone here has noticed that.

    • Zoey: Well, which bed do you want?
      Dana: I don't care...that one.
      Nicole: But that's my stuff!
      (Dana glares at her) ...That I'll be moving.

    • Zoey: Come on, were you this freaked out when it was Dustin's first year?
      Zoey's Dad: Dustin? What do you think?

    • Zoey: Oh my God, I can see the ocean from here!
      Chase: And even more important - your own mini-fridge!
      Zoey: Wow! (looks inside it) And a sandwich from 1988.
      Chase: Uh oh, get down. (throws the sandwich) That was close.
      Zoey: My hero.

    • Chase: Well um, better get going. Oh and be careful.
      Zoey: Why be careful?
      Chase: Well it's the first day of school. A lot of kids like to pull pranks.
      Zoey: Like hanging your bike from a tree?
      Chase: Huh? (runs over to the window) Oh man! Put that down, you little freaks! I gotta go. Later!
      Zoey: Later.
      Chase: Oh, and I forgot to say - welcome to PCA.
      Zoey: Go save your bike.
      Chase: Right.

    • Zoey: Okay, Logan, tell ya what. I'll round up my best five girls and you round up your best five guys. And we'll see who's better at basketball.
      Logan: You serious?
      Nicole: Zoey!
      Zoey: I'm serious.
      Logan: Fine!
      Zoey: Good.
      Logan: Friday?
      Zoey: Why not?
      Logan: You're on!
      Zoey: See ya here!
      Logan: Wanna make out?
      Zoey: No! Eww!

    • Michael: (to Zoey) We also heard you got pizza.
      Chase: And cake.
      Zoey: Oh, so you want pizza.
      Chase: And cake.

    • Logan: Hey girls, a little tip - try to make the ball go in the basket.
      Zoey: And here's a tip for you - try to make words not come out of your mouth!

    • Dana: Can I play?
      Zoey: Um, we kind of have a full team.
      Quinn: Bye! (runs off)
      Zoey: I guess you're in.

    • Zoey: (to Nicole) Wow, who would've thought we'd meet by a urinal?

    • Nicole: Face it, Zoey. You're the only girl on our team who can play this game. The rest of us are suckish.
      Zoey: No you're not!
      Quinn: Is suckish a word?

    • Logan: Well, look who lost. Hope you learned your lesson!
      Coach: I sure did. How would you two girls like to join the basketball team?
      Logan: What?! Coach!
      Dana: I'll think about it.
      Coach: Fair enough. What about you, Zoey? I think you'd make an excellent point guard!
      Zoey: Sure! I'll play.
      Logan: Coach! I play point guard!
      Coach: Sometimes, things change.

    • Dustin: Psst, Zoey! Psst, Zoe!
      Zoey: Dustin?
      Dustin: Hey! Good luck in the game. I hope you win, but I can't root for you.
      Zoey: Why not?
      Dustin: The guys said if I root for the girls, they'd shave off my eyebrows!
      Zoey: Oh, don't let them scare you!
      Dustin: Too late, I'm way past scared! Anyway, good luck!
      Zoey: Thanks.

    • Nicole: (about the urinal) Why's it in here?
      Zoey: 'Cause this used to be a boys' dorm.
      Nicole: Well, it creeps me out.
      Zoey: You act like it's the first time you've seen one of these.
      Nicole: Oh, please, I wasn't born yesterday. I know about boy stuff. So how do they sit on it?

    • Chase: (showing Zoey around campus) And uh, over there's the science building, where they have science classes. And uh, there's the library. I hear they got some books in there. And uh, let's see, cafeteria, auditorium, Jim.
      Zoey: That's the gym?
      Chase: Oh, no, that's my bud, Jim. 'Sup Jim!
      Zoey: 'Sup Jim! I like Jim.
      Chase: Yeah, Jim's good people.

    • Nicole: You're like a wizard with scissors. I'm gonna call you the scissor wizard!
      Zoey: No, you're not.
      Nicole: Okay.

    • Zoey: You play sports?
      Nicole: Does shopping count as a sport?
      Zoey: No.
      Nicole: Then no.

    • Quinn: Well, give them some food, turn up the music, and let's get this party started y'all!

  • NOTES (5)