Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 9

Zoey's Balloon

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 11, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • mediocre

    for psychology, zoey and friends tie their secrets to balloons. but someone discovers zoey's balloon and blackmails her about it. she discovers it is rebecca, chase's ex-girlfriend, because she wanted revenge. but she still plans on revealing zoey's secret if zoey doesn't do what she says. What will Zoey do?

    OK episode I guess. The look on Zoey's face when her "I'm not gonna do it, you hear me Rebecca, I'm not doing it line" was kind of dumb- it's as if she expected Rebecca to feel sympathetic for her. Overall OK Episode, my grade for this is a C-
  • for a psychology assignment, zoey and the rest of her psychology class have to write down a secret and attach to a balloon and let it go; however, things turn bad for zoey when someone gets a hold of her balloon

    this will be a spoiler b/c it is kind of hard to write a review being very general w/ this one..i liked this ep...it started off normal and everything and i felt bad for lola b/c everyone made fun of her..well the balloon idea was so cool..i would feel relieved after doing that..oh the psychology teacher was kooky but very funny...the bad thing is someone found zoeys balloon..and guess what it was rebecca..i mean how horrible is that..she made her do some horrible things but i love how everyone finally stood up to her..its ok to laugh about your secrets sometimes lol

    Rebecca blames Zoey for Chase dumping her. Man, no one cares about Rebecca she is a mean evil twisted girl. I didn't like this episode, it was too scary, of course! :P. But Rebecca, had to get her revenge. Firewire wasn't that realistic either... he acted like a.. nerd. Yes, it's true I said the NERD word. NERD! NO LOGAN LINES? No, seriously? He was in two scenes but no lines. Doesn't make sense! Strike! Strike! Strike! Join us for the 2008 Logan Strike or AKA the Matthew Underwood (OMG!) Strike. We want LOGAN! Ok, enough for now. The End. Peace out!
  • 309

    Good episode of Zoey 101 yet it was disappointing in ways. We got a great setup with everyone's secrets tied to a balloon, and Zoey's secret is that she was a sunscreen model as a kid? Everyone else's secret was just as juvenile. I wish we got some substantial development with the group's secret. Like Chase's love for Zoey, or Zoey doing something bad in her past. We got a dark setup, I was only hoping for a dark conclusion.

    The thing I did like about this episode was definitely the continuity, with Rebecca returning, when I first watched this, I remember it was a big thing. It was quite unexpected as well. As for the comedy, it wasn't at its best. But I liked the unique plot, I just wish it had a better ending. Good episode of Zoey 101, but definitely not the best.
  • Not my favortie episode.

    "Zoeys Ballon" was not a very good episode. It has to be one of my 2 or 3 least favorite episodes of Zoey 101.It wasnt a very good episode idea in the first place. I liek serious episodes,but this wasn't a very good seriousness. The only funny part about the episode was when Stacy got hit in the head by the golf ball.Stacy is a very good character in my opion.Only because shes funny though.Lola being afraid of the people in big costumes was funny too. Ok,I guess its was funny.But it was mainly serious.It just wasnt the favorite storyline.I guess it was ok.
  • this show as about zoey and friends tieing a secret to a balloon but zoeys pink balloon gets stuck in a tree by a mystery past girlfriend!

    I thought this was a very cool episode also intresting and i thought her secret was goin to be something different because that is a little to emmbarissing i mean a bare but when she was four on a bottle embarrasing.........i watched this awhile a go so i cant remeber much about it so thank you for reading my weird reveiw. if you like this reveiw wow you are probably crazy but this thng has to be at least 100 words long so im goin to keep talking and talking and talking till this thing is at least 100 words long because it has to and well i dont know what to say and now i am 118 crazy 120.
  • The Ballon was about Zoey tieing her secret to a ballon and the ballon getting stuck in a tree and someone taking it out and black mailing her to do funny stuff like dress up in a bananna costume.

    I will give this episode about a nine because it was a good show and very funny it also showed that how strong a friends relationship is with you and that it is ok to let out secrets because it will take a big load of your chest also i want to tell you that i thought it was halirous it was that chase was a flower girl for someones wedding sorry i had to point it out he he well i thought this episode was a good episode it showed kindness but also funny secrets that people had in thier past.
  • Not what I exspected.

    There was so much potential for a story linem like this. Rebecca has a secret of Zoey's! It could have been better than what it was. Dan Schneider, you fail. I am ashamed to be your fan. I did think it was cool that evil Rebecca came back though... She is so evil! I dont really remember much about the other story line. I do remember something about a guy wanting to be Ryan Seacrest. That made me chuckle. haha. The macalana was retarded. RETARDED. Sometimes it shocks me on how weird and out of place this show can be...

  • This episode was just disappointing..

    Ugh..what can i say. The only thing good about this episode was that it was somewhat funny. I mean comon! The secret was stupid, why would u be embarrased about that? I did however like Chase's secret and the return of rebecca. But they needed for Zoey to admit something big. Like her having a crush on soemone(preferably Chase). But, over all, this episode was pretty dissapointing. I give it one thumb down and one thumb up.
  • This episode is just pure awesome. My favorite Zoey 101 episode to date. Only series that can beat it is Hannah Montana!

    This episode is just pure awesome. My favorite Zoey 101 episode to date. Everything that is funny and uplifting about Zoey 101 goes above and beyond in this episode. I absolutley love most episode of this show, but this one goes above and beyond. It has a good plot, plenty of laughter, and then end just lifts you up like nothing else can. Gotta hand it to nick for making an excellent show out of little miss Jamie Lynn. This episode is just pure awesome. My favorite Zoey 101 episode to date. Only series that can beat it is Hannah Montana!
  • Air date and description

    For psychology class, Zoey and pals write down their secrets and tie them to balloons. But the project takes a dark turn when somone learns Zoey's secret and begins blackmailing her about it.

    Dude, all I have 2 say is that this secrt better b about zo and chase. i mean seriosly its time 4 them to realize that they r ment 4 each other. is zoey 101 ending?!?!? i keep hearing this rumer that it is and im gonna be SUPER mad if it does. what do you guyz think? i realy hope it doesnt! ahhhh! ill be mad