Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 16

Zoey's Ribs

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 29, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • great

    There is a rib cook off at PCA. Who will end up winning? Quinn burns off Mark's eyelashes and tries to make them grow back with an experiment that makes hair grow. Problem is, the hair keeps growing.

    Main plot with the ribs was alright, kind of forgettable. The sub plot was pretty dumb, I thought. The entire episode is pretty much forgettable for me, give or take a laugh here or there, so because of all of this, my final grade for the episode is going to fall in the "C+/B-" range. It was kind of forgettable but it is enjoyable if you watch it in moderation, every once in a while
  • zoey inherits ribs from her great uncle and must find a way to get rid of them; hence the rib contest and rib party

    i did really like this ep..it was really good..that was a lot of ribs..i like ribs but not that many..lol..i liked how everyone kind of gave her ideas and they came up w/ it together..it was interesting..the tough part was that logan and michael just could not work together but this made it hysterical as they fought each other w/ food..it was very wise for them to be broken up for the contest lol..the eyebrow and armpit thing was very interesting as well lol..i was laughing the whole time and when they just embraced it i was on the floor lol..im glad michael and logan finally got along in the end too
  • Ok episode.

    "Zoey's Ribs" was an ok episode.Not the best, not the worst.I cant count how many times ive said that about an episode :p It was funny but I didn't really like the way Dan tried to make the episode serious. Im referring to Pierre' Lamage getting arrested at the end.Coco went really Kuku at the end."Wait! Wait for Coco!". She's so funny sometimes. SOMETIMES not all the time. Micheal and Logan fighting got kind of annoying but the way it turned out at the end made it better. Micheal really impressed me with his special vocabulary in this episode. "Bangladoneian" :p
  • I'm hopeing this moves Chase and Zoey closer together.

    I don't know what's supposed to happen. But based on what my friend wrote, and she knows everything about Zoey 101, this episode should really progress their relationship!!!!! I can't wait. Anyone else who can't wait?? I have been watching Zoey 101 for a LONG time now. I think Chase and Zoey should try to go out, but their SO ignorent. Everyone notices their connection except them. Sorda. And Chase still likes Zoey no matter what he says.
  • Medical , colnary(cooking)Who knows!

    1)Something happens to zoey's ribs and she has to go to the hospital.We would probley see some romantic tension between chase and zoey.Because chase is worried about her he might actidentally put his hand on hers and jerk it away real quick. 2)Zoey's a good cook maybe, i know thats lame!