Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 4

Zoey's Tutor

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Zoey's having trouble in chemistry and needs a tutor. Her teacher recommends geting help from the student with the best grades in class. Zoey's in shock when she finds out who it is. She'll have to keep this a secret. Back in the girl's dorm, a rat is on the loose and Quinn is on the case.moreless

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  • Great Episode!

    I can't believe it, Logan is chemistry geek! Thanks to Logan's grandfather who was chemistry professor at Cal-Tech University in L.A. I don't understand Logan want to hide his Chemistry geek from everyone at PCA. Logan dont want people think he is geek. He want people think he is hot or handsome. I am so suprised that Zoey hate Chemistry! Me too, I really hate Every kind of science, like Chemistry, Biology! Another Great episode at Zoey 101, I love it! I cant believe Chemistry teacher almost or look like insult Chase's hair, think his hair is just perm or natural curly. It is so wrongly of her! Anyway, awesome episode!moreless
  • Good

    Zoey needs a chemistry tutor, and to her surprise, it's Logan. This embarrasses both of them so they decide to keep it a secret. But when they are caught alone and not where either of them said they would be, their friends think they are dating, and Logan confirms it, because he wants to make Chase jealous. Will Chase find out the truth? Or is the truth there really is more to Zoey and Logan's "Relationship?"

    A good episode, I liked the concept of Logan actually being smart in a subject at school. My overall grade is about a Bmoreless
  • zoey gets a tutor in chemistry and is surprised to see its logan; chase worries that logan and zoey are dating

    this ep was truly pivotal..like i said for the classification lol..spoiler..they were freaking out about the chem test at first and i found it interesting to see that logan is so intelligent in chemistry..i mean when he was teaching zoey i was actually very impressed with him..like this is a new side of his character...it was so funny..i also liked the flashback of when quinn tried to teach zoey chem..that was hilarious..the best part and a great choey moment even if other ppl dont agree..was when chase thought zoey was dating logan and he was totally freaked out about it..i loved it..im like ah so cute with jealousymoreless
  • I loved it! Logan becomes Zoey's tutor!

    I loved it! I loved it! I loved it! I loved it! Chase got so mad at Logan. I loved it! I loved it! I loved it! I loved it! And Logan was just trying to tease Chase, I know. It was pretty silly. I loved it! I loved it! I loved it! I loved it! Mostly this is one of the best season 3 episodes since 'Chases Girlfriend'. I can't wait for more. Since I hated 'Hot Dean', this episode brought the show back to my attention. I loved it! I loved it! I loved it! I loved it! Ok, Ill stop.moreless
  • Great Episode!

    "Zoey's Tutor" was an awsome episode! I can't believe Chase actually believe Logan when he said he was dating Zoey!I mean that would never happen and he should know that if Zoey is his best friend.The ending when they put a rat in Logans pants was Toooooooo funny.Quinn just couldnt think of a SIMPLE way to catch that mouse.Just grab it and but it in a box.Its not that difficult but I probably wouldnt want to touch the rat with my BARE hands either.. Made with gloves thought :P.I think if it was real life Erin would have thought of that. :pmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • If Logan does not want to be good at Chemistry, he could easily pretend he is bad at it by choosing wrong answers on tests.

    • Zoey says it's gross to date Logan, but in previous episodes like "Spring Break-Up," she has mentioned that he is hot.

    • It is discovered that Logan is good at Chemistry, because his grandfather was a professor. Logan had to spend every summer with him when he was a kid, so he was taught Chemistry against his will.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Chase: You chew funny.
      Zoey: (is insulted) Goodbye.
      (Zoey leaves)
      Chase: Good funny!

    • Chase: I don't like being in bushes!

    • Quinn: Are you ready for me, rat? Are you ready for a piece of Quinn?!

    • Chase: I have to say it, I'm a little bit embarrassed for you.
      Michael: This is a sports related injury! That makes me cool!
      Chase: Dude, tripping over a basketball on his way to the bathroom is not cool... (sees Quinn and Lola)
      Oh, hey, Quinn and Lola. What's up females?
      Quinn: Oh, hey!
      Chase: What have you guys been doing?
      Lola: I've been watching Quinn's research rat for the past three hours!
      Quinn: Yeah well, you'll change your tone when I catch that rat and lock him away for ever.
      Michael: Uh, what rat?
      Lola: What happened to your foot?
      Michael: Oh, it's a sports related injury.
      Chase: He tripped over a basketball on his way to pee.
      (Lola and Quinn laugh)

    • Zoey: (shouts out) I hate chemistry! I just wanna make that clear!
      Chase: Have a french fry, it'll calm you right down.
      Zoey: No thanks, I'm already full, and what happened to all your talk about eating healthier food?
      Chase: What? The french fry, made by the potato which is a vegetable, dipped in ketchup, made from the tomato which is another vegetable!

    • Chemistry teacher: Oh, Zoey, you're good friends with Chase... is his hair naturally that way or is it a perm?

    • Chase: She's not dating Logan, okay? I've known her since the first day she came here to PCA and I know she'd never date a jerk like Logan!
      Lola: He's one of your best friends...
      Chase: Which is how I know he's a jerk!

    • Quinn: I thought Chase was over Zoey!
      Lola: So did I.
      Chase: What do you mean? I never had a two year old crush on Zoey! Right Michael?
      Michael: (sarcastic) Yes, there was no crush, you silly people.

    • Lola: (to Chase about Zoey and Logan) Why do you care so much about this?
      Chase: Because I'm a caring person! See! (makes a caring face)

    • Zoey: Logan?! (about being her tutor)
      Logan: Like I'm thrilled about this. (being Zoey's tutor)
      Zoey: (to her chemistry teacher) Logan doesn't know anything about chemistry! Logan doesn't know anything about anything!

    • Zoey: (talking about Logan) He's really good at it!
      Chase: Oh God!
      Zoey: What? I've really learned a lot from him.
      Chase: OH GOD!!

  • NOTES (2)