Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 4

Zoey's Tutor

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • Great Episode!

    I can't believe it, Logan is chemistry geek! Thanks to Logan's grandfather who was chemistry professor at Cal-Tech University in L.A. I don't understand Logan want to hide his Chemistry geek from everyone at PCA. Logan dont want people think he is geek. He want people think he is hot or handsome. I am so suprised that Zoey hate Chemistry! Me too, I really hate Every kind of science, like Chemistry, Biology! Another Great episode at Zoey 101, I love it! I cant believe Chemistry teacher almost or look like insult Chase's hair, think his hair is just perm or natural curly. It is so wrongly of her! Anyway, awesome episode!
  • Good

    Zoey needs a chemistry tutor, and to her surprise, it's Logan. This embarrasses both of them so they decide to keep it a secret. But when they are caught alone and not where either of them said they would be, their friends think they are dating, and Logan confirms it, because he wants to make Chase jealous. Will Chase find out the truth? Or is the truth there really is more to Zoey and Logan's "Relationship?"

    A good episode, I liked the concept of Logan actually being smart in a subject at school. My overall grade is about a B
  • zoey gets a tutor in chemistry and is surprised to see its logan; chase worries that logan and zoey are dating

    this ep was truly pivotal..like i said for the classification lol..spoiler..they were freaking out about the chem test at first and i found it interesting to see that logan is so intelligent in chemistry..i mean when he was teaching zoey i was actually very impressed with him..like this is a new side of his character...it was so funny..i also liked the flashback of when quinn tried to teach zoey chem..that was hilarious..the best part and a great choey moment even if other ppl dont agree..was when chase thought zoey was dating logan and he was totally freaked out about it..i loved it..im like ah so cute with jealousy
  • I loved it! Logan becomes Zoey's tutor!

    I loved it! I loved it! I loved it! I loved it! Chase got so mad at Logan. I loved it! I loved it! I loved it! I loved it! And Logan was just trying to tease Chase, I know. It was pretty silly. I loved it! I loved it! I loved it! I loved it! Mostly this is one of the best season 3 episodes since 'Chases Girlfriend'. I can't wait for more. Since I hated 'Hot Dean', this episode brought the show back to my attention. I loved it! I loved it! I loved it! I loved it! Ok, Ill stop.
  • Great Episode!

    "Zoey's Tutor" was an awsome episode! I can't believe Chase actually believe Logan when he said he was dating Zoey!I mean that would never happen and he should know that if Zoey is his best friend.The ending when they put a rat in Logans pants was Toooooooo funny.Quinn just couldnt think of a SIMPLE way to catch that mouse.Just grab it and but it in a box.Its not that difficult but I probably wouldnt want to touch the rat with my BARE hands either.. Made with gloves thought :P.I think if it was real life Erin would have thought of that. :p
  • Zoey isn't doing well in Chemistry, so she gets a tutor. But that tutor is Logan, much to their mutual displeasure. Both agree to hide their arrangement from their friends out of embarassment. Their lying causes the gang to think they are secretly dating.

    "Zoey's Tutor" is a pivotal episode in that it renews Chase's whole "I never had a two-year crush on Zoey" thing for the first time in season 3. As the season opened, viewers were given the impression that perhaps the fate of Chase and Zoey was to remain just friends. However, this episode confirms that ever-lingering suspicion that that impression is just not true.

    Zoey is appalled when she learns that Logan is one of the best students in her Chemistry class and now has been asked to tutor her. Going somewhat against character, Logan is more concerned with what their friends will think about his being "cursed with being knowledgeable" than with rubbing his superior Chemistry skills in Zoey's face. He agrees to tutor her, as long as they both promise not to tell anyone.

    Right in character, Chase starts acting quite bizarre once he suspects that something is going on between Logan and Zoey. He calls Michael, Lola, and Quinn to the lounge to discuss it. Chase paces back and forth and asks them to consider the possibilities. They respond by saying Logan and Zoey are dating, and it is made abundantly clear that Chase had never gotten over Zoey when he quickly shouts "other possibilities!" Quinn claims that she thought Chase was over Zoey. This short scene is all it takes to reaffirm the belief that Chase and Zoey are destined to become more than just friends before the series is over.

    Chase proceeds to confront Logan. Right back in character, he takes advantage of Chase's panic and informs him that he and Zoey are dating. Chase wants proof, so Logan has him hide in a bush so he can listen in on their conversation. Chase does so reluctantly. Logan carefully and cleverly conducts a conversation with Zoey that skirts around the topic of tutoring in a convincing enough way to make Chase jump out of the bush in anger. Zoey unwittingly continues the charade by saying things such as "But [Logan] has taught me so much," whch only serve to repulse Chase even more. He stumbles away in complete and utter disgust.

    Chase collects himself and apologizes to Zoey for freaking out, claiming he just couldn't understand why she was would to date a someone like Logan. Good cover, Chase. Zoey herself is nearly as disgusted as Chase was, and explains that Logan was just tutoring her in Chemistry. The gang gets their revenge on Logan for his little scheme by placing Quinn's pet rat in his pants while he is asleep.

    By the end of this episode, there is no doubt in anyone's mind that Chase never stopped being in love with Zoey. This leaves us looking toward future episodes of Zoey 101 with greater anticipation than ever.
  • The writers really shone in this one.

    Zoey isn't doing too well in chemistry, while Logan is doing great but doesn't want anyone to know he's a chemistry geek. Reluctantly, Logan agrees to tutor Zoey on the condition that no one finds out.

    Logan and Zoey start spending a lot of time alone studing, arousing the suspicions of the others. Lola, Quinn, and Micheal all think Logan and Zoey are secretly dating, but Chase refuses to believe it.

    When Chase confronts Logan, Logan claims that he and Zoey are dating but they didn't want to tell him because he wouldn't like it. ("Ha! You know that makes sense.") Chase still doesn't believe it, so Logan sets out to convince him so.

    This leads to the hilarious bush scene, where Logan is intentionally ambiguous so that Chase is convinced Logan and Zoey are dating, while Zoey suspects nothing. Finally, Chase jumps out of the bush and storms off.

    Later, Chase stops by Zoey's room to apologize for freaking out, and Zoey finally finds out what Logan was up to. The 5 of them decide to get revenge on Logan by putting a mouse down his pants, in an excellent merging of the main and subplots.

    Here it is shown that everybody but Zoey knows Chase is in love with her, which makes his denial all the more amusing ("Yes. There was no crush, you silly people.") It also shows Chase was lying when he told Rebbecca he was over Zoey, but we already knew that. While the main plot is a gem, I don't really like the subplot, finding it somewhat ridiculous, so no full marks.
  • Zoey has a sercert with one of chase's close friends and he wants to find out who and why.

    this is one of my favorite episodes because of the lines. also what happens to Micheal in this one is, you have to admit, pretty funny. after watching this i remember the episode when zoey was forced to leave but had to be help by none other then Logan. this seems to be a reoccurring subject. it makes me wonder. are the writers of this tv show insinuating something? or is it just a coincidence. It gives me something to think about when watch future episodes. Overall this episode was very funny, cute and fun to watch. Hopefully there will be more episodes like this in the near future.
  • It's my favorite episode,specially cause we find out that chase still loves zoey...It is very cool to know that zoey is not straight A in every school subject too...

    A episode that must have brought again some "watchers",showing that zoey is not mrs.perfection in everything,and that she make mistakes too.its nice to know that chase stil loves zoey too.and,its a episode with a lot of quotes!quinn is as depressive when she can't get her rat as she was on quinn's alpaca,when her alpaca was sick...
    i just dont like how zoey gets the rat...quinn wouldn't be so stupid to don't do what zoey did...so,i like the pisode,and i thought it very "special" for the show.
  • Zoey's having trouble in chemistry and needs a tutor. Her teacher reccomends geting help from the best student. Zoey finds out the tutor is Logan. She'll have to keep this a secret. Back in the girl's dorm, a rat is on the loose and Quinn is on the case.

    This was a very funny episode. Hilarious if you ask me. Zoey is having some problems in Chemistry and her teacher assists her with a tutor. This tutor is his best student in the class. Zoey is shocked to find out that Logan is the best student in Chemistry and got a 100% on the Chemistry test. Logan swears to Zoey not to tell anyone and Zoey agrees if Logan doesn't say that she's getting tutored by him. They agree and keep it a secret until her friends think that they are dating. Zoey finally cracks after Logan is bragging to Chase that they are together. This episode shows that keeping a secret from all the people that you care about wouldn't matter because they support you in anything you do and they should be happy for you. This show teaches anyone to be a better friend.
  • One of the best episodes!

    Zoey's having trouble in chemistry and needs a tutor. Her teacher reccomends geting help from the student with the best grades in class. Zoey's in shock when she finds out who it is. She'll have to keep this a secret. Back in the girl's dorm, a rat is on the loose and Quinn is on the case. (tv.com)

    First of all it is so funny when everybody thinks she is dating Logan and when Chase is hiding when Logan says to do that prove that Zoey and him are "dating" 'cause he does not want anyone to know that he gets A's in chemistry. Also what they do to get him back is so funny!
  • Zoey gets teached by Logan

    I think it was actually obvious that Logan will be Zoey's tutor, because it was said that she was suprised, so it was clear to me. But it's altough funny that Logan is good at any subject and is so afraid that anyone could find out. I think his total jerk, because he had known that Chase would be jeaulous about Logan and Zoey dating, so why didn't he told the truth? I mean it seems like Logan could never ever be a friend to somebody else, what's kind of sad. And it's getting on my nerves that Chase still didn't told Zoey about his feelings. Why do they let us suffering so much?
  • Meh.

    Things I liked: -When Chase got all jealous when he thought that Zoey and Logan were dating. That was cute & definatly showed us that he still has feelings for her. (I so already knew that though because of the look on Chase's face when she walked on him and Rebecca kissing. Anyone could see that. Duh.)

    -And that's about all that I liked. Things I Didn't Like

    -How Logan was EMBARRESED to be getting good grades and he made it sound like some big tramatic exsperience. Which for Logan, I guess it was. But yeah I would give anything to be that smart in anything let alone chemistry. Thats subject is pure evil.

    -The revenge on Logan. He didn't really deserve that and neither did the poor rat.
  • This episode, labeled Zoey's Tutor was about how zoey was getting a bad grade in Chemistry and she needed someone who was excelling in Chemistry to help her in chemistry and so she later finds that the only answer to her problem is having logan as a tutor

    I really enjoyed this episode although it was very predictable. I enjoyed the part where logan tells chase that he is dating zoey and Chase doesn\'t belive him so he hides in a bush while logan is talking to zoey making it seem that they are together so that chase believes him.... the diologe in that part of the episode was Laugh out loud hilarious!!!!!!!! I also enjoyed the very very interesting part where where where where where zoey find that logan is the wiz in chemistry and she was expecting an ugly nerd to help her with her bad grade. This episode was funny and entertaining but toooooo... predictable. I rate it a 7.8.
  • This was without a doubt the best Zoey 101 episode ever, next to Spring Break-Up

    You could really see the character development in this episode; Chase once again shows that he still has feelings for Zoey although he says that he doesn't. Logan is apperently good at chemistry and showed a little bit "jerkiness" in this episode, this is actually the first time this season. Finally! Zoey isn't good at everything! :D
    Lola, Quinn and Michael didn't do much this episode since the focus was on Zoey, Chase and Logan. The Zoey/Logan thins was really cool IMO, I really liked that they thought that Zoey and Logan were dating and CHase acted all crazy :P
    If they keep it up like this then season 3 can without a doubt be the best season of all time of Zoey 101
  • Zoey is doing very bad in chemistry and needs a tutor. She asks her chemistry teacher for one, and she finds one. Logan.

    This was exciting. The episode was showing Zoey didn't make perfect grades! Ha! Anyway, she still did better than Logan. And though I already saw on the commercial Logan was Zoey's tutor, but when Logan was acting like he made a bad grade on his chemistry test, I thought he was serious! Don't hate me, but its true! But still, why would you be afraid to admit that you're good at chemistry or some other school subject? I make excellent grades all the time, love writing on the computer, but still, I'm not afriad to admit I like basketball and football!! So, Logan is cool. Who cares? If he had REAL friends, they would understand, right? But anyway, if I were Zoey, I wouldn't want to admit it. I mean, admitting getting tutored from a guy that is so much stupider than you, likes sports and is one of those popular dudes. I would be terrified to admit that.
  • this is what i think

    so basicly the only thing htat REALLY keeps the show going is zoey and chase but if they get together every one will still watch but the excitment won be there so i think chase should tell zoey adn then they have one big kiss scence and the next episodes should abse on quinn and logan cause i think that would be interesting!
  • Chase is still in love with Zoey

    I really liked this episode it was awsome to see that Chase still loves Zoey but he has to tell her and I really hope that episode comes very soon I will die if it doesent I wish they would just stop making us suffer everybody in the world who watches the show wants them to be together.
  • Funny!

    In this episode, Zoey gets a bad grade on her chemistry test so she asks the teacher for help. She gets her a tutor who ends up being Logan. He makes her promise not to tell anyone. Lola, Quinn, Chase, and Michael get suspicious when they see Zoey in Logan's dorm room. They think that they are secretly dating and Logan tells Chase they are. Chase hides in a bush and it sounds like they are dating by what Logan is saying. Quinn is trying to capture a rat that got loose in their room. She is upset when she can't trap it and Zoey puts a basket over it and catches it. Chase finds out that Logan and Zoey aren't dating. My favorite part was when Chase made Michael say that he never had a two year crush on Zoey. It was so funny!
  • that was like the funniest episode ever

    haha i loved it was so funny. logan tricked chase into thinking that zoey and logan were dating secretly just because zoey thought it was embarrising to be tutored by logan. and logan being embarresed to be smart. haha chase was like crazt this whole episode he kept like yelling and everything. haha zoeys like logan taught me so much. haha chase was like thats so sick haha. that was so freakin funny when they put quinns rat down logans shorts when he was sleeping. haha and micheal hurt his ankle when he was on his way to pee he tripped over a basketball and he was calling it a sports relater injury. and lola with the whole rat hand sanitizer thing. haha
  • I think Zoey gets a tutor that she likes to get Chase jealous & to see if he really likes her..........

    This is what I think:

    Zoey, who is quite a tutor herself (as seen in episode "Little Beach Party") gets a cute tutor. As well as Zoey having a little crush on him (not a huge crush like she has with Chase) she wants to see whether Chase is jealous of them. After all, the tutor is a major hottie. <Note: I haven't seen this ep. so this is just wat i think will happen> And, well, since Zoey is quite attractive, he might ask her out. I still haven't decided whether she'll say yes or no. If she says yes, Chase will get really angry with him (NB: He's broken up wif that <insert insulting word here> Rebecca)and, I dunno, maybe they get in a fight. But then Zoey will A)get mad @ him, or B) realise they are meant to be 2getha

    If she says no to the date, Chase will feel really relieved and possibly be thinking of telling Zoey her feelinngs, but as per usual they get interrupted. Or she could just like the tutor and really want to be her GF!! takin chase out of the picture <3 dont u agree this'll be a good ep plot?
  • I wonder what this episode is about?

    Hi im new but been reading these boards for ages.
    I'm only guessing cause this episode has not been on tv yet but I totally want to know wants to know what could this episode be about? Zoey gets really good grades so she does not need a tutor.Maybe he's a hot guy and zoey wants him to tutor her so she pretends to be stuck with a subject.I totally do not want this to happen cause i want zoey and chase to go out so bad they would make such a good couple.Feel free to disagree everyone has different opinions.