ZOIDS: Chaotic Century

Season 1 Episode 16

New Helic City

Aired Weekdays 6:00 AM Mar 11, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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New Helic City
There's a parade in New Helic City celebrating the Republican's latest victory and Irvine, Moonbay, and Fiona watch it. Van and Zeke wander away and see a lone Imperial soldier being harassed by some Republicans. The Imperial soldier had escaped and was trying to get away from the city. Van feels that the right thing to do is to help him, so he and Zeke chase the Republicans away. The soldier runs away and drops a picture of him and his mother, and Van picks it up. He meets the others at a cafe and tells them what happened. Irvine leaves for a moment and Moonbay says that they should go to the institute that specializes in ancient ruins. Just then, a few trucks pull up with Republican guards in them and one of the guys that Van and Zeke chased away (he told the guards about how Van helped the Imperial soldier). The guards accuse him of being an Imperial spy and don't believe that Hermann gave them their letter that he wrote for them. Irvine drives up in a jeep, throws a smoke bomb, and Van and the others get in and drive away with Zeke running after them. Irvine drives until one of the tires on his jeep is shot, and then they start running. The run into a dead end, but then a guy wearing a frog mask that covers his whole head pops out of the sewer. He takes them down into the sewer while a balloon is released to distract the guards. Irvine takes off the guy's mask and he turns out to be Dr. D! Dr. D takes them to the institute and they break in. They explore the building and finds a huge rock pillar with ancient writing on it, like the one Fiona was looking at when she first said 'Zoid Eve', but Fiona doesn't remember anything and just gets a headache. Then they are surrounded and captured by Republican soldiers. Meanwhile, a large iceberg is headed towards the city. A lady informs the President (President Camford) about the prisoners, Hermann (her son), and the letter (they can't confirm if it's real because Hermann is away checking out the iceberg). A guard laughs at Van and tells him that Zeke has been taken away and will be dissected. Van yells at him and then the President and the lady enter. Van yells at them too, but finds out that the old lady is the President and that Hermann is her son. The President sees Dr. D with them and lets them out. Later, Van and Zeke meet up happily and the President asks Dr. D to help out the Republic in the war, but Dr. D doesn't want to be dragged into another one. Van and the others are looking at the city when they see explosions. The Imperial soldier Van helped has stolen a powerful modified Command Wolf and is fighting some Republic Zoids on the streets.Later, Van and the others look at the damage and Van becomes really angry, drops the soldier's picture, and runs off with Zeke. Meanwhile, the soldier is running away from the city when he sees a Shield Liger ahead of him. Van yells at him and and the soldier attacks out of fear. Van blocks the shots with his shield, and then knocks him over with his shield and the guy is thrown out of the cockpit. The soldier runs, but Van leaps out of his Zoid and chases after him. He jumps on the guy screaming and asking how he could do that. The guy says he was afraid and just trying to get away. Van nearly punches him and starts crying. Irvine and the others arrive and Irvine yells for the soldier to leave or else, and the he does. Dr. D tells Van that he did the right thing by helping the soldier, because a life is a life. It doesn't matter if it's a Republican or Imperial one. Van still cries, though. Meanwhile, Hermann, in a Pteras with two other Pteras units, checks out the iceberg and shoots it to make sure everything's okay, but then he sees oil near the bottom of it. Missiles are launched from the iceberg and snow appears. Then the two other Pteras units are shot down and Hermann tries to contact New Helic City, but can't (due to the jamming snow). Hermann is then shot down. Beneath the iceberg, there is a large Imperial submarine. Inside the submarine is Prozen, planning an attack on New Helic City.moreless

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