ZOIDS: Chaotic Century

Season 1 Episode 32

The Doom Machine

Aired Weekdays 6:00 AM Apr 02, 2002 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Van and the others are cruising through with no trouble from the Imperials. Until they run into a number of Rev Raptors, Molgas and a Dark Horn. Van and Zeke get ready but someone stops them. It's Rudolf's trusted friend Prime Minister Homaleph. Meanwhile, Harten is spying on them. She reports their position, near the Enay Bridge and watches as they leave. Raven is talking with Prozen and he invites Raven to Rudolf's funeral and Prozen's coronation. The only reson he'll attend is because Van will be there and he can fight him. He then goes off. Homaleph is reviewing a plan to expose Prozen and they all agree on it. He gives them his thanks but Fiona is feeling down. When "Zoid Eve" is mentioned, Homaleph says that Prozen has been messing around with ruins lately also. He tells them the location of where Prozen has made himself a secret lab. They plan on going to get "Zoid Eve" soon. Very soon. Raven is still going on about Van still being alive and is mad as ever. Even with a Blade Liger, he won't get away. Van is getting upset waiting around and wants to get to "Zoid Eve" ASAP. Everyone is still trying to figure out what to do for the coronation tomorrow. At night, Van sneaks away but Irvine is on to him. He goes and awakens Zeke and is confronted by Fiona. They all leave in the Liger. Strangely enough, the moon is turning red. Raven is still on his journey with Shadow right behind. Harten is telling her soldiers her plan and is informed of a Blade Liger leaving a base sometime ago. She doesn't go after them because they need a low profile. Upon reaching the ruins, Van is doubtful when Fiona begs for them to leave. She claims that it's not "Zoid Eve" and they should leave. Then, Prozen appears and asks for him to join up with his army. He even knows Van's full name, Van Flyheight, because he knew his father, Major Dan Flyheight, well. Fiona still wants to leave. Prozen goes on about it but Van refuses. Prozen goes on about having to kill to succeed in war but Fiona convinces Van otherwise. Then alarms sound and Prozen is told of something waking up. He is doubtful but then realizes that Fiona must be of the Ancient Zoidian race. She walks up to him and states her full name: Elisi Linette, a survivor of the ancient race that was destroyed by the Death Saurer. van watches in awe as she continues. She tries to convince Prozen that the Death Saurer won't listen to him, it'll just destroy everything just as it did in ancient times. The Death Saurer tries to get out and Prozen figures it responded to a Zoidian's presence. Prozen kidnaps Fiona and Van gets into action. Rev Raptors appear adn attack and Zeke merges. A chamber floods as every lock is opened. Prozen approaches and Fiona escapes but runs into a dead end. Prozen beckons for her to come with him but Van bursts into the wall. He escapes with Fiona adn destroys more Rev Raptors outside. Prozen arrives in a jeep just as the base explodes. From the smoke rises the Death Saurer. Van gets out of there as the gigantic zoid steps on any zoid in its way. It charges a particle shot and fires at the remaining Rev Raptors. The sky lights up with the shot as it's aimed upward. Van is escaping and they wonder how such a thing would want to be resurrected. Prozen is sending it back into labs as Raven arrives. He enjoys the hunt. At a palace, Rev Raptors are lined outside and Harten demands Homaleph's execution for housing a false Prince. Homaleph says they have no choice but to recruit the Republics. Moonbay tries to contact Van to get over there but he is stopped by Raven who has made a new challenge.
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