Zoids Fuzors

TV Tokyo (ended 2005)


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  • cool show

    The show is about bit cloud and the blitz team, the blitz team is one of many teams that fight in
    Zoid fights. It mainly about bit and his zoid liger zero. He was my favorite. over all it was a great show
    And the zoid battles were way cool. the teams move up in rack and get prize money every time they win.
    But there are these people who break the rule and want to take over the zoid world. I really like this show and hope they bring back the zoids for another season just like they did with digimon.
  • Ah Zoids it brings back so many memories way ahead of its time that makes it the best part even though fuzers isnt as good as gaurdian force i loved it

    Well i started watching this show when i was about...8 or 9 it was a tred setter to i was buyin zoid action figures and zoid ...well anything zoids it had an ok storyline(thats why i didnt give it a 10-10) but the action definitly makes up for it it had great creativity power rangers had the wack animal things but we have zoidsi only watched 3-4 the episodes of fuzors but i loved it to bad all the zoids seasons are gone yet they bring back digimon >.< but i thing overall people underappreciated zoids...so thats my review cya =P
  • A huge dissapointment!

    This is the only Zoids series I truley well hated and hope that it will that it will never air again. I rated this lower than most because of how horridly dule it truley was. I disliked it for all sorts of reasons. Their is only 4 reasons why I stuck around to watch is. Action, drama, sci-fi, and of course the fact is that zoids themselves are just crazy cool. I can't get enough. If only another series would come out(nothing like this one). That would be awesome. Zoids is A job well done I say. I only liked one thing more than zoids, well three things to be exact. One is DBZ, two is Inuyasha, and three is Gundam. Other than that though not much. Although I do like other things like Cowboy bebop, Trigun, Yu-Yu Hakasho, Full-Metal Alchamist.
  • It's good

    I like it, it's one of the first shows I saw that is what got me in to anime, I saw it around 8 years old. The show is about a couple of kids that like to fight in Zoids or battle suits, its a good show and you should see it. I first saw it when the show just came out in the USA, my favorite character was the guy with the yellow hair he had the liger that one was cool it had three suits a super heavy one, a super fast one, and a super stronge and fast one, the blue one was my favorite I liked that one alot. I hope you all like it just as much or more then I did.