Season 4 Episode 6

Ambush in the Wasteland

Aired Unknown Nov 08, 2003 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

This episode begins with Matt polishing the Leo Blaze as he finishes his punishment. RD is sitting beneath Liger Zero and laughing at new comics. Sigma sees this as he's in the Boldguard cockpit, and he gets a bit disgusted at RD. As Matt finishes polishing the Leo Blaze, he an't help but admire the Boldguard's twin laser cannons, so Sigma comes down to boast about them. This leads to him and RD debating about which is better, but luckily Sweet arrives telling everyone that lunch is ready to stop the fighting.

After lunch, Matt can't help but be helpful. In fact, he may be to helpful, because it's causing RD and Sigma to both slack on their duties. As Matt answers the door, a man shows up at the Mach Storm base needing something delievered to Kell City, or more specifically he needs an escort to Kell City. Just then Helmut enters, and he's surprised to see Halldo.

Helmut and Halldo go to have a snack while Hop calls a combat meeting. He doesn't want to accept the mission because he doesn't trust RD and Sigma together without some sort of supervision, but Helmut has been discussing the options with Halldo. Halldoe has recognized RD to be the son of Harris, a man whom he was looking for the Alpha Zoid with, so Helmut returns and says they are accepting the mission.

Right after Halldo, Sigma, and RD have entered the Wasteland, a group of Gyzacks begins tracking them, but RD is able to scare them off by acting like he's going to chase them. The guys in the Gyzacks don't give up though. They go to the only restaraunt in the Wasteland, and discover that RD and Sigma are both Zi fighters. As RD are Sigma are harassed about being Zi fighters, Halldo reveals that he's transporting "a special payload" to the restaraunt manager, who tells the Gyzacks pilots.

The Gyzacks return to base, and are revealed to be part of the Dark Forces. The decide to tackle this cargo, because they think it is rare Zoid parts.

Back at Mach Storm's base; Helmut, Hop, and Matt begin to worry when Helmut walks in in the afternoon and reveals that RD and Sigma are doing the mission together. Sigma must be thinking about the same thing, because he's just about to radio back to Hop when they get attacked by 50 Gyzacks. RD and Sigma easily take care of them until Liger Zero gets hit by a long range cannon allowing the Gyzacks to get underground. The Long Range cannon was fired from the Bracium Zilla, who then begins to do battle with Liger Zero. Boldguard is about to get involved as well, but he gets cut off by the long range cannon on the Missle Tortoise. Then the two Zoids fuse to become the Bracium Tortoise. Sigma can't stand the heat, so he decides to retreat. This means that RD must fight Bracium Tortoise alone, and it also signals the Gyzacks to come out and attack Halldo in his Gustav. Just as Halldo gets surronded, Fire Phoenix appears. She goes supersonic and freezes the command systems on all the Gyzacks, but the Bracium Tortoise won't let Liger fuse with her.

Sigma reappears right below the Bracium Zilla. He reveals that he was just bluffing so he could get under their defenses, but he ends up being out of ammunition and is forced to do the Crazy Spike Attack. This attack gives RD the time he needs though to fuse with Fire Phoenix. Out of desperation the Bracium Tortoise launches a missle at the Liger Zero Phoenix, and it appears to blow them up, but RD comes flying out of the smoke and uses the Strike Laser Claw to defeat the Bracium Tortoise.

As they reach the end of the Wasteland and complete their mission, Halldo reveals that he knew RD's father. This makes RD ask how he knew him, and Halldo admits they began looking for the legendary Alpha Zoid at the same time. RD asks him how he knows about the Alpha Zoid, but Halldo tells him he must search out those answers on his own.