Season 2 Episode 16

Attack of the Geno Breaker (1)

Aired Unknown Apr 26, 2002 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

After training real heard for te arrival of the Geno-Breaker, Van had upgraded the booster on the Blade Liger. The upgraded booster made the Blade Liger faster than the Lightning Siax w/o a booster. Reice has a talk about the Geno-Breaker and why it is Red instead of being Dark Blue or Black. It seems that Hiltz must've done something to the previous Genosaur that made it come out Red. Also, Hiltz is not interested in either Van or Raven, he just wants who wins. Then Colonel Halford talks to the three pilots about the Geno-Breaker, and how it just finished attacking the Lightning Siax development plant of the Empire and its next target is this base. He also has a talk with Fiona, tells her to ask Thomas and Irvine to remove the electrical pulse generators and degrade the booster of the Blade Liger. He also tells Fiona after that she would be working with the ancient ruins study team again with him instead of this Guardian Force Team. Of course knowning Fiona, she told the other guys but they didn't remove the shield at all nor degrade the booster. When Raven came, he started his attack but was quickly surrounded by the Delta Formation, He goes with the Charged Particle Beam at Thomas, but it failed since Thomas did not remove the Electrical Pulse Shield and then went after Irvine but he didn't remove it either so the Charged Particle Beam was neutralized in any case. Then after the Blade Liger had taken out the footlock on the Geno-Breaker, the Gojulas unit started attacking, but the Geno-Breaker launched its Charged Particle Beam from the air and destroyed the Gojulas unit with in a minute. Now, Irvine and Thomas were low on energy with their zoids, Van lead Raven away from them and used the same attack he used to destroy the Deathsaur with. He charges for it but Raven launches his Charged Particle Beam at full power and throws Van over the cliff.