Season 4 Episode 20


Aired Unknown Unknown on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

This episode has a new opening that includes footage of the Energy Liger and Liger Zero Falcon running alongside each other, while one of the Energy Liger's tubes is attached to the Jet Falcon.
Mach Storm have been hired to protect an area from a group of wild Zoids. It's a heavily forested region that's normally a resort area for the wealthy. However, the wild Zoids have been attacking the area and have destroyed a number of the resort homes. The team sees forage from one of the attacks, showing a wild Iron Kong (Specifically, a Schuboltz type IK with a CP-03). Helmut however, thinks he sees something else.
Blake is also heading out to the same area to test out the Gai Ryuki. Sandra tells him not to go, but he ignores her., She then tells him that she'll send Burton along with him, supposedly to watch out for him, but he again tells her he's going alone. Angered, Sandra tells him hat he can go, but she won't help him out if anything happens.
In the forest, Mach Storm discover a large crater with the wreckage of a Zoid in the middle. They can't be certain, but the wreckage may be from an Iron Kong. Helmut notices the formation of tektite sand, sand which is formed under intense heat or pressure. He hypothe that the Zoid was destroyed with a charged particle cannon or other high-energy weapon, neither of which an Iron Kong normally carries.
They search the area for more signs of the wild Zoids, but don't find any race of them. They do, however, find a single large mansion that seems to have been unaffected by the goings on. Sweet suggests that they visit them to see if they can find out more.
They're greeted at the door by a mysterious woman who claims to not know about what's going on, and tries to send them away. However, before she can do such, a man tells her to invite them in. Mach Storm are taken through to a large room, where they're greeted by the mansion's owner – the Dark Shadows Man! He introduces himself as Alpha.
They ask Alpha about the wild Zoids. He claims that one wild Zoid may be eliminating the weaker ones in order to prove its superiority and take control of all the Wild Zoids. He says that such a Zoid would be the Alpha, or leader of its group, the Alpha Zoid.
Blake, in the meantime, has found the Energy Liger. He tries to attack it, but before he can, the Dispellow and Evo Flyer appear! The two of them attack him, proving to be more powerful then he expected. Even with using Hein and Gekkou, he can't stop them.
Back at the mansion, Mach Storm hears the sounds of a battle. Sweet suggests that they go and see what it is. She makes her apologies to Alpha, and they leave. As Mach Storm heads towards the battlefield, the Energy Liger appears. It attacks the team, driving them away from where Blake is.
The Dispellow and Evo Flyer continue to attack Blake, changing their modes to keep him off balance. He's eventually able to get the better of them, knocking both Zoids down. To his surprise, however, the Displellow regains its feet, ready to attack again. At the same time, the wild Iron Kongs appear, moving to surround him.
Suddenly Gai Ryuki's computer identifies Dispellow as being Gai Ryuki's Fuzor partner! The two Zoids combine into Gai Ryuki Destroyer. Blake is impressed by the power of his new Zoid, wondering if he's able to handle its power. The Iron Kongs open fire with their CP-03s, pouring fire onto the Gai Ryuki Destroyer. However, it absorbs their fire with the Ray Absorbing system, then unleashes a massive blast form its fused weapons systems that destroys the Iron Kongs.
A Gorilla Tron watches the events and transmits the information back to Alpha. He's impressed by both the Energy Liger and Gai Rayuki's performances, and plans to incorporate the data into the Seismosaurus. He then turns to Luke, and thanks him for his help, before calling him his son…