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    Ok im trying to rate the pwoer of the main weapons in zoids but the issue is ther 3 classses of weapons used

    close like laser claw and blades then u got medium like seros chect cannon and the shoadow fox's minigun then u got long range like the gun snipers rounds of a particle beam weapon

    out of all of those what do you think is the most powerful

    Weapon (example of sometihng that uses it)


    Laser Claw (anytihng with claws)

    Blades (ie snieder or blade liger)

    Tusks/horns (elephanger/d bison)

    Jaws (anything with teeth)


    Miniguns (shadow fox/gun snipers hands/iron kong)

    Chest cannon (Ligers, Zabers, elephander)

    Back pusle (zabers/genosaurer/ iron kong)


    Particle Beam Cannon (Genosaurer, Death Saurer, Berserk Fury)

    Sniper rounds (Gun sniper)

    Plasma Cannon (Iron kongs sholder)

    thats all i can think off add what u can to that list under the right catagory lol

    again im making a non official live action movie so im getting a list of weapons so i can use them the besti can in it

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