Season 3 Episode 14

Fright Day The 13th

Aired Unknown Nov 09, 2001 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Lenna is scared after answering a strange message a creepy voices tells her that in one week on Friday at Midnight the "Chainsaw Man" is going to come and hack her zoid to pieces. There was also a legend about a farmer who went out to get some wood and never came back, and that his little girl disappeared to. They came back one day and that girl wasn't there. After Harry's hangar is attacked and zoid component's are stolen Jamie & Naomi go looking for clues. Lenna goes around to the part shop and finds a trashed Rev. Raptor and little young girl in a white clothes bouncing a ball that disappeared after showing up. Lenna eventually leaves the lot after helping that guy who's Rev. Raptor was trashed. She goes back to the Hover Cargo where Harry gives another speech that Lenna faints in and doesn't hear. Everyone goes to sleep and all the while, the so called chainsaw man arrives and Lenna is the only one awake. She gets in her Gun Sniper and begins to run. Just when it looks like shes done for Naomi arrives and explains that there really just 5 thieves with zoids called Spinosappers pretending to be the chainsaw man. After hearing that Lenna goes ballistic. Just as the fights about over Lenna is attacked by one more zoid and when she turns she sees that same little girl that she saw earlier outside the parts shop. After the fight Naomi tells her there was only 5 zoids in the gang and also no one else saw the little girl or the sixth zoid. The legend might end up being true yet.