Season 4 Episode 9

Good Work, Peace Keeping Bureau

Aired Unknown Nov 29, 2003 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Once again Liger Zero is running wild, so Ciao and Deed are chasing him. As usual, they think RD is the pilot, but then the Leo Blaze appears trying to stop Liger Zero. It ends up Matt is piloting Liger, and he doesn't know how to stop him. When they see that traffic is up ahead and stacked up for the next 5 miles, Deed decides to shoot down Liger, but RD won't let him. On the radio, they broadcast that a Zoid is running wild and for the people to get out of the way, but another man has other ideas. He rushes to the scene, ejects from his car, and lands on top of Liger. Using a cable command system, he unlocks Liger and then helps Matt stop him.

Of course, RD gets in trouble for the fiasco. Deed gives him three tickets: Reckless Endangerment, Contributing to a minor, and Failure to stop. Meanwhile the unknown man is getting a lecture of his own from Ciao. Then he makes a pass at Ciao, but claims it was just to remove a lose string for her uniform.

Back at Mach Storm, RD finds out his tickets were the good news, because Hop suspends RD for 2 weeks. Sweet can't help but laugh, but then she begins questioning Matt about the unknown hero. It ends up his name is Jean Holiday, and he's given Matt free tikets to the circus that night. RD and Sweet join Matt at the circus, but to their surprise Ciao is also there. It ends up that Jean gave her a free ticket as well. When Jean makes his appearance, he goes straight to Ciao and gives her a red rose. We also se RD squirm a little bit.

After the circus, Matt and RD give Ciao a hard time about Jean, but this causes her to yell at them and leave the party. She returns to the Peace Keeping Bureau office with her red rose when Gummie comes in with new news. A group of Zoid thiefs is headed towards Blue City, and he wants the two of them to handle the job, but Ciao seems a bit distracted with the rose. Knowing that RD was with her, Gummie and Deed head to Mach Storm to find out that Ciao is in love with Jean. This causes Gummie to go crazy, so he enlists the help of Mach Storm for the case. Unfortanently, RD is still suspended, and Helmut and Sigma are out of town, so RD's job is to keep an eye on their Zoids and not go out onto the streets.

That night, the thiefs break into Mach Storm. When they see there's no security, they decide to enter the cock pits of Leo Blaze and Liger Zero, but RD and Matt were sleeping in the cock pits. RD unmasks one thief to be Jean, and it causes the three to retreat.

The next morning, Ciao is not sure what to believe, but RD's claims require an investigation, so Gummie and Deed decide to investigate the circus. Ciao then meets Jean in the park to see if he has a scratch from RD punching him, but he doesn't appear to. Obviously RD has the wrong guy in mind, so he must be jealous. At least that's what Ciao thinks until Jean gets shot by a water gun. This causes the makeup on his scar to wash off. She pretends to go along with Jean's story of him being scratched up in that mornings practice so Jean won't suspect her. Jean's fellow thiefs don't trust Ciao, so they want to get out of town, but Jean says they won't leave until he gets Liger. Savage Head has hired him to steal Liger Zero for a big amount of money.

They try again to get Liger that night, but the Peace Keeping Bureau provided Mach Storm with gas masks to keep them consious. Once again Matt and RD prevent the thiefs from getting into the cock pit forcing Jean and company to use a flash bomb to escape. They don't get to far though. Ciao and a group of the Peace Keeping Bureau were waiting for them outside.

Jean and company call there Zoids to escape: a Gorhecks, an Aerosaur, and an Iron Kong, but the Peace Keeping Bureau ambushes them in the desert causing them to be completly surrounded. This leads to a big Zoid battle: Aerosaur versus Aerosaur, Gorhecks versus Gorhecks, and Iron Kong wersus Giga Gojulas. Suprisingly, Jean's Gorhecks is faster than deed's giving their group the advantage. He invites Ciao to join their group, but then RD arrivs on the scene giving the Peace Keeping Bureau the advantage, and Ciao takes down Jean with a little strategy.

After the victory, the Lt. of all the Peace keeping Bureau contacts Gummie to let them know they did a good job, but this also causes him to give them more assignments. No sooner do they arrive back at base than they find out an illegal Zoid fight has started. Deed and Ciao are once again sent out on the job, and we see Jean's red rose still on Ciao's desk, alive as ever.