Season 4 Episode 17

Nightmare in the Sky

Aired Unknown Unknown on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

We open on board a Whale King where the mayor of Blue City is hosting his inauguration party. Most of Blue City's bigwigs are onboard and, for some reason, so is Sweet. She's serving drinks. She runs into Caio and Dee, who are onboard to watch over the mayor and keep things safe.

Meanwhile RD, Helmut and Sigma are out testing the Jet Falcon. They start up a holographic simulation of a squad of Guysacks, which the Falcon destroys with its eggbeater cannons.

A squadron of Storm Sworders attack the Whale King. Mach Storm hear about the hijacking and set off after the Whale King. RD is especially worried about Sweet, and wants to save her. Back on the Whale King, a mysterious man ducks out from the party into the cargo hold. He activates a number of cargo crates to reveal a mess of mechanical components. The components assemble themselves into a Double Sworder. The Zoid tears through the bulkhead into the party.

A squadron of Peacekeeper Raynos are sent after the ship, but are intercepted by the Storm Sworders. Two of the Raynos are shot down, the other two retreat. The hijackers call the Peacekeepers with a list of their demands. Their leader wants his brother released from prison, and gives Gummie an hour to do it.

Mach Storm's Zoids are closing on the Whale King, when a pack of wild Unenlagia run at them. Helmut tells RD to go after the Whale King while he and Sigma deal with the Wild Zoids. RD leaves, then fuses with the Falcon and flies off after the Whale King.

Before Sigma and Helmut can attack the Unenlagias, somebody else destroys them; the Energy Liger. They fuse their Zoids, but then the Energy Liger Attacks them!

On the Whale King, Sweet offers the Double Sworder pilot a drink. While he's distracted, Dee jumps him trying to take control of the Zoid. The pilot knocks him out of the cockpit, in the process accidentally firing the Double Sworder's guns. The guns tear holes in the floor and damage the ship's systems. Angered, he calls the Peackepeepers and makes additional demands; he wants money as well as his brother's release, and threatens to kill Dee.

RD meets the Raynos and is told not to interfere; Gummie stats that it's a Peacekeeper matter and that he should stay out of it. RD replies that he's here to protect Sweet.

Sigma and Helmut attack, the Energy liger, but it retaliates, disabling them with a slash from its horn. Meanwhile, a Gorilla Tron watches from behind cover…

Realising that he has no other option, Gummie asks RD for his help. RD agrees, and flies towards the ship. He sees Sweet through one of the Whale King's windows. She opens the Whale King's front bay, and RD leaps inside, the Jet Falcon separating from him. Inside, however, he meets the Double Sworder. Outside the Falcon fights the Storm Sworders, taking their leader out.

Suddenly, the damaged systems on the Whale King catch fire! The engines give out and the ship shakes, sending both RD and the Double Sworder falling out of the bay. RD recombines with the Falcon and then destroys the Double Sworder.

…but the Whale King is still falling, and is going to crash into Blue City. In desperation, RD flys under it, and pushes against it with the Liger Zero Falcon. He's able to guide it in to a smooth landing in the Blue City Arena.

Sandra watches a news Broadcast about the event. It turns out that she was behind the attack. She's disappointed that it didn't work out, but is confident that she won't be implicated at all.

Meanwhile, the Mysterious Shadowy People from episode 14 also watch the broadcast. Hes impressed by what his "pet Zoid", the Jet Flacon was able to do, and also pleased that the Energy Liger, which he was apparently controlling, was able to distract the other members of Mach Storm. Luke enters, having been reveled as one of his subordinate.

The Man then states that he wants to see what his newest creation will do. A hanger door opens to reveal the shadowy forms of Flyscissors, Shellkarns, Diploguns and Demonshead…