Zoids - Season 3

Cartoon Network Premiered Oct 01, 2001 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • The Miracle of Zero - The Wind, the Cloud and Adventure (3)
    Everyone except for the Blitz Team and the Vega team have suffered losses, so it comesdown to the two of them. Which Ultimate X will end up being the victor?
  • Survival: The Mystery of the Ultimate X (2)
    It all comes down to this. The Blitz team wins all 5 of their matches to advance to the final, but Team Vega also gets 5 wins. Which one will end up being the Ultimate champion?
  • Tournament of Heroes: The Royal Cup (1)
    All Class A teams are put into the Royal Cup competition. The winner gets admitted into Class S, but the only Zoids that can be used are what you carry on hand. There can be no repairs once a Zoid is defeated. Can the Blitz Team find a way to win with only 4 Zoids, 3 transformations, and at least 5 battle wins needed?moreless
  • The Dragon Awakens: The Berserk Fury Enters the Fray (2)
    On a day of recreation, Blitz and Jack are humiliated by a kid named Vega. The next day, they are attacked by a new Zoid piloted by the same kid. Why is he attacking them?
  • The Dragon Under the Sea: In Search of the Ultimate X (1)
    The Back Draft group decides to search for another Ultimate X. Can Bit and Harry stop them from succeding?
  • Harry's Disaster: Dr. Layon Traps Toros!
    When Lenna finally accepts a date from Harry, Dr. Layon decides they must be lovers and kidnaps Harry. Will Lenna be able to go at full strength during the next battle knowing that Layon has Harry?
  • The Shadow Fox: Brad's Betrayal
    Brad goes looking for a mysterious new Zoid, but will his temptation to gain the Zoid cause him to leave and attack the Blitz Team?
  • The Third Conversion: Zero Panzer's Debut!
    Stoller has left the Back Draft group and become a legintimate Zi fighter, but will he stand a chance when the Back Draft Group decides to retaliate? Perhaps, with a little help from Bit.
  • Love on the Battlefield: My Love, the Judge
    Benjamin has fallen in love with a judge that has the same operating frequency as him. And with Harry & Bit's help he might see her again.
  • Warriors On Vacation: The Storm Sworders
    Dr. Layon joins the Back draft group to strengthen his abilities to get revenge on Toros. Can he actually finally win an illegal battle against the Blitz Team?
  • Red Rival: Leon Toros Returns!
    When the Back Draft group overwhelms Naomi, she gets help from an unlikely source. The two form a team together and challenge the Blitz Team. Can Bit and compnay have any chance against this new "unknown" rival?
  • Layon Returns: Anti-Gravity Catastrophe!
    Dr. Layon decides to get revenge on Dr. Toros by kidnapping Lenna and forcing the Blitz Team into a gravity free battle. Can Liger Zero and the Command Wolf defeat Layon when they can't get a firm grip on the ground?
  • Fright Day The 13th
    Fright Day The 13th
    Episode 14
    Lenna gets challenged by the "Chainsaw" man in this classic Halloween spoof. Does she stand any chance against the mysterious Zoid that cuts everything up, or will her teammates even stand by her?
  • The Brave Wild Eagle: The Raynos vs. the Zabats (2)
    The Zoid battle commission allows the Blitz Team to do battle with the Back Draft Group in an approved match-up, but will the Blitz Team stand a chance when Jamie is their only air pilot, and he can't even control the Raynos he now has?
  • Zero Is Stolen: The Fiery Battle (1)
    Liger Zero is stolen by Altail and the Back Draft group to do a one-on-one battle with the Elephandor. Can Bit and Liger survive when all their safeties have been removed?
  • The Sensational Three: Rematch with Jack Cisco
    Jack Cisco forms a team composed of nothing but Lightning Siax to do battle with the Blitz Team. Can Bit and company have any hope of winning when they only have one fast Zoid?
  • Desert Tusk: Assault of the War Sharks
    Altail decides to have the Back Draft group try one final test on Liger Zero to prove its the Ultimate X. Can Bit and Liger survive?
  • The Princess Arrives: Mary Champ
    Harry's sister Mary decides to come and make him grow up until she sees the Liger Zero. Now she wants to win the Liger Zero for herself, but can she actually defeat the Blitz team when no one else has?
  • Invasion of the Fierce Tigers: Transform to Zero Schneider
    An unknown man named Dr. Layon decides to help the Tigers team get on the winning track again, but at what costs, and why does he want to destroy Lenna's dad?
  • The Desert Gang: The Hover Cargo's in Danger
    When the Blitz team and Fluggel teams get ambushed in the desert, it's up to Lenna and her new Gunsniper to save the day. Will they succeed?
  • The Dark Giant: The Invincible Elephandor
    The Back Draft Group decides to once again attack the Blitz Team with a new unknown zoid: The Elephandor, but what exactly is the Ultimate X zoid that the Back Draft group is looking for?
  • High Speed Battle: Transforming Into Zero Jager
    When the Champ Team hires Jack Cisco to defeat the Blitz Team, it's up to Bit to unlock the Liger's first transformation unit. Will they succeed, or will the Lightning Siax just have too much speed to be defeated?
  • Unsanctioned Battle: The Mysterious Backdraft Group
    When the unknown Backdraft Group captures Lena and forces the Blitz team into an unsanctioned battle, it's up to Bit to save the day. Can Liger Zero claim another victory?
  • The Prince Arrives: Harry Champ
    A mysterious man ambushes the Blitz Team and tries to get Lena to share his love. The man is a rich man by the name Harry Champ, and he wants to marry Lena, but first he must defeat Bit. Can this millionaire succeed?
  • New Partners vs Naomi; The Red Comet
    When Bit goes into a long range battle without a decent long range weapon, it's up to him and Liger to get up by "The Red Comet" in her type of fight. Can they make it close range when Naomi has never been in close range before?
  • Commence Battle: Attack Liger Zero
    Bit Cloud is out looking for Zoid parts when a battle begins around him. Can he convience either the Blitz Team or the Saber Fang squad to let him join their squad, or will he be stuck as a scavenger forever?