Zoids - Season 4

Cartoon Network Premiered Oct 01, 2001 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Blue Skies Over Planet Zi
    RD, Blake, and Alpha must face off with the Zero Falcon and Gai Ryki teaming up to take on a Fuzor version of the Seismosaurus. Success may come if Blake can break through to Luke. Meanwhile, the PKB decies it should show its hand and joins the resistance of Blue City. With Gummi back in charge, it looks like blue skies might be reforming, but failure means Alpha Rictor will take over all of Zi. Who will win this climactic battle?moreless
  • Showdown
    Episode 25
    The Liger Zero Falcon has defeated the Energy Ray Liger, but Rictor and company are preparing to take world control. Burton is put in charge of tracking down Mach Storm and finishing them. When the city begins to oppose Gecko, he sends out the PKB Zoids to stop them. Making things worse is that Marvis has arrested all PKB officers and locked them up. Now Gummy, Mach Storm, and Savage Hammer must team up together and make one final stand against Rictor and company. Can they make their escape fast enough though to protect all of Zi? Also, the past between Helmut and Sandra is finally revealed, as well as the reson behind Sandra's hate of Mach Storm.moreless
  • The Legendary Zoid
    The Legendary Zoid
    Episode 24
    All Zoid battles have been ordered to be ceased, but that may not be enough for the new Mayor. Blake has learned how he had a hand in causing him to lose to RD in his first battle, and he is determined to get revenge. His first objective in this quest is to free Luke from Alpha's control. Elsewhere RD has decided it's time to strengthen his resistance by aquiring the Energy Liger permanently, as well as free all the Zi warriors, and the gravity riders are helping him to do so. There first objective is to free all of Mach Storm and Gummi from prison. When they are all ambushed at the Zoid battle coliseum, it looks like things may have backfired. Can RD and company aquire the Legenary Zoid to stop this corrupt administration?moreless
  • The End of Mach Storm
    Marvis returns as the new head of the Peace Keeping Bureau, and he has one mission eliminate Mach Storm at all -costs. This results in an order to disband Mach Storm, one which is ignored by the Gravity Riders. Making things worse is the revelation that the Rictor Scale has taken the mayor's position in Blue City. Old friends can't help, because they've been given new assignments. With Zi Warrior Zoids now being destroyed, is there anything RD and Blake can do to turn the tide?moreless
  • The Rampage of the God of Destruction
    The Peace Keeping Bureau introduces their new Zoids, but a successful run may mean Chief Gummi is replaced for good. Elsewhere Blake continues his search for Luke and tries to learn who has been brainwashing him.
  • The Waters Surface and the Undercurrent
    The gravity riders are back, and this time they are targeting Luke, who tried to steal data on the Gai Ryuki. Blake and RD decide to try and learn why Luke has turned against Savage Hammer, but in the process they are given a warning about a new group who wants them destroyed. Who is this new group?moreless
  • Evolution
    Episode 20
    Blake is tired of defeating everyone without ease, so he decides he should unleash some energy on wild zoids. Little does he know that the Gai Rayuki will find two Fuzor partners in the process. That's not the only problem though. Luke has been acting strange, and the reason why is about to be shown.moreless
  • Showdown at High Noon (1)
    Mysterious Zoid assassins show up and begin attacking everyone. What will happen?
  • Glory For the Man
    Glory For the Man
    Episode 18
    The Mach Storm team must battle the new Black Impact team, but which team will end up triumphant?
  • Nightmare in the Sky
    The Mach Storm team tests the new Jet Falcon, a new combiner partner with Ligre Zero, to see if it works, but when a Whale King is attacked in the sky, its up to them to save the day, but how can they when they are being attacked by the Energy Liger?moreless
  • A New Friend (3)
    A New Friend (3)
    Episode 16
    RD must find a way to make Liger Zero stronger once more, but can he do it without an old friend, or will his friend return in a new form?
  • Lost Wings (2)
    Lost Wings (2)
    Episode 15
    After losing Fire Phoenix, RD must figure out a way to defeat his opponents, but will he get over his emotional breakdown first?
  • Awakening of the Evil Dragon (1)
    Savage Hammer comes up with a new fuzor partner for the Berserk Fury, and it's one that might have enough power to defeat the Energy Liger. Can RD and company end up winning?
  • Three Teams Face Off (2)
    How can RD and Mach Storm get revenge on the Fuzor Matrix Dragon?
  • Matt Battled R. D. (1)
    Can more than one Zoid fuse together, and if so, which ones will they be? Those questions are about to be answered as Savage Hammer decides to ambush Mach Storm and steal one of their Zoids in the process.
  • Brutal Battle Royal
    Brutal Battle Royal
    Episode 11
    RD is invited to be in a 5 man Battle Royal, but what will happen to him when all the others team up to destroy Liger Zero Phoenix? Also, why is Sweet a part of Mach Storm? The answers will all be revealed.
  • Visitor from the Past
    A man named Marvis escapes jail with one mission: get revenge on Helmut and Mach Storm for the last 3 years. When Liger Zero Phoenix gets cut off from the battle, it's up to Helmut and Sigma to find their Fuzor partners to keep from being destroyed. What Zoids will they be?moreless
  • Good Work, Peace Keeping Bureau
    Zoid thiefs arrive in Blue City with the objective to steal Liger Zero. Can RD and Matt help the Peace Keeping Bureau stop these thieves while RD is suspended and Ciao is being tricked?
  • Blue Lightning (2)
    Blue Lightning (2)
    Episode 8
    With the Boldguard gone, Sigma decides he doesn't want to battle anymore. Can Halldo change his mind? Also, what is the history between Amy and Keefe?
  • The Unseen Enemy (1)
    Fuzors continue to be discovered across the country, but one Zoid pilot is determined to show that Fuzors aren't the future of Zoids Evolution. Now it's up to Mach Storm and the Peace Keeping Bureau to stop him, but can they even discover what this invisible Zoid is doing?
  • Ambush in the Wasteland
    A mysterious man named Halldo arrives with a mission for Mach Storm, but can RD and Sigma work out there differences to allow the mission to be completed successfully when Helmut isn't around to stop their arguing?
  • The Kid Called Matt
    With Liger Zero Phoenix around, RD has been getting cocky. It causes Hop to suspend him, but when a kid named Matt runs into RD, Mach Storm's future will be changed forever.
  • Fuzors Combine! Liger Zero Phoenix (2)
    RD ponders the power that Liger Zero will have when he can fuse with Fire Phoenix, but will the Fire Phoenix actaully allow him to become a fuzor pilot?
  • Enter the Fire Phoenix (1)
    Savage Head has discovered the Fuzor partner for the Berserk Fury in the Buster Eagle, and now they want to use that technology to destroy RD and Liger Zero. Can Mach Storm's first fuzor be discovered to save Liger Zero?
  • 1 + 1 = ?
    1 + 1 = ?
    Episode 2
    Team Mach Storm must figure out the next stage in Zoid evolution: the ability to fuse, before going into battle with the Dark Spiner team.
  • Knockover on Planet Zi
    New Zoids, new heroes, and new battles are shown as Team Mach Storm figures out the best way to help RD's skills improve, and what will be the next stage in Zoid evolution? Find out.