Zoids - Season 5

Cartoon Network Premiered Oct 01, 2001 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Rebirth
    Episode 50
    Bio Tyranno's Bio Particle Cannon is about to be fired at Murasame Liger. Will any of his friends be able to make it in time, and exactly what is the miracle the people of the sky were referring to that Murasaume Liger might have. Also, the fate of Ra Kann is revealed, and exactly who will win between BioTyranno and Volcano?moreless
  • Climactic Battle
    Climactic Battle
    Episode 49
    Ra Kann's sacrifice has caught everyone off guard, but there's no time to rest. BioTyranno is determined to crush the resistance and destroy everyone so he can become god of the entire world, but now that Digald and the Suppresion Army have teamed up, they may have a chance. The final battle is about to begin.moreless
  • God's Lightning
    God's Lightning
    Episode 48
    Ruuji decides the only way to stop Jiin is by teaming up with Digald's army, but with Jiin controlling BioTyranno, will the plan be too little, too late?
  • Seperation
    Episode 47
    Zairin and Volcano confront Jinn and BioTyranno, but what will Zairin do when he finds out Jinn's true plan, and can Ruuji and company get the bullets back to the resistance now that the ski city has been destroyed and their dragon damaged?
  • Fatal Flaw
    Fatal Flaw
    Episode 46
    Digald has finally attacked Sora City, the city in the Sky, and now the town has requested the help of Ruuji and company to keep them safe, but ias it too little, too late for the city, and if it is, how will the citizens adjust to life back on the ground?moreless
  • Inheiritance
    Episode 45
    The gang finally arrives at the city in the Sky, and the citizens agree to make the bullets and help take care of Seijoruu and Zairin, but just as things seem to be running too smoothly, the cities security force arrives. Will they not keep their promise, or is Digald finally going after the city in the sky?moreless
  • Takeoff
    Episode 44
    The invasion of Iron Rock has begun, but even if the rebels manage to destroy the BioZoid factory, will they be successful when it comes to taking the GuildDragon and flying to the city in the sky?
  • Key
    Episode 43
    In order to get Leeo bullets, Kotona must reveal her true name, but in order to do so, she must be married to someone. Will Ruuji break down and get married to an older woman, especially now that Digald has begun mass production of the BioZoidGui and it re-invading the land?moreless
  • Secret Meeting
    Secret Meeting
    Episode 42
    Onlt the city of Eijyu is left in captivity after the resistance starts freeing the region from Digald, but Ruuji is tiring out, and the BioKentra's pilot is startting to see memories of a horrible past. Can they find a way to free him up, especially when the BioPtera has returned?moreless
  • Coup
    Episode 41
    Jiin seizes control of the Digald empire after his father's illness takes his life, and he declares the war will increase until they have taken over everything, including the Sky City. Will the resistance have any chance of ending this war now?
  • Bio Particle Cannon
    Bio Particle Cannon
    Episode 40
    Digald sends Volcano out to retake the city, while Ruuji and company attempt to form an alliance with the city from the sky. Can they get everything worked out before Zarrin attacks and makes it to late?
  • Triumphant Castle Enterance
    The attack on Digald's base continues, with help from a strange friend. Rainbow Jerk and the BioPtera have one final battle for the skies. And the truth about Ron is finally revealed.
  • Charge
    Episode 38
    The people of Zuuri begin to rebuild, but BioTyranno has slowly begun destroying all who oppose him. Can Ruuji and company find some way to halt Digald's momentum before it's too late?
  • Raid
    Episode 37
    The city is attacked on two fronts: from the air, and from a spy who has forgotten his memory. When Rainbow Jerk recognizes the boy to be BioKentro's pilot though, the city decides to try and kill him. Can Ruuji find the strength to save the young pilot's life and promise to avenge the people from BioRaptorgui's attacks?moreless
  • Fall Apart
    Fall Apart
    Episode 36
    Word of the Suppresion Armies attack spreads throughout the planet, and new forces flock to them, but there is some dissension inside the Suppresion Army leadership that could cost them everything, and Volcano has rejoined the BioZoid corps to plan their next attack.
  • Surprise Attack
    Surprise Attack
    Episode 35
    Ruuji and his friends decide to attack Digu, but will this surprise attack bring them the advantage or lead to their destruction?
  • Assault
    Episode 34
    Digald finds the enterance to the resistance's base, and accompanying the enemy are two of the top BioZoids. Hayate Liger isn't strong enough to defeat the BioStego, but can Ruuji manage to evolve the Liger a second time, or will the resistance be completely destroyed?
  • Prenotion
    Episode 33
    Ruuji is feeling down as he believes he's responsible for the Bamboo Lions destruction. To get his mind off of things, Ron recommends they visit the city Tekitou. Meanwhile, Ra Kahn and Kotona continue visitng those who didn't respond, but it is with little to no success. Just as things appear they can't get worse, the BioPtera and BioKentra showsup and start causing more problems. Will the Suppresion Army be destroyed before they can complete their mission?moreless
  • People of the Sky
    People of the Sky
    Episode 32
    Major Zarin learns that Ruuji, Ron, and Mii are traveling in a Gustav for camoflogue and informs Digald. Meanwhile, the gang tries to have some R & R, but what dangers could await them? Finally, Volcano's second test is about to occur. How powerful will he be?
  • The One Left Behind
    The One Left Behind
    Episode 31
    The gang discovers that wanted posters have been put out for them. They're shocked that the reward for Ruuji is $5,000,000, the same as Ra Kahn, while everyone else is $3,000,000. A mysterious personage named Gaaba recognizes Ruuji and begins following them, but is she an ally in the making, or is she a new unknown enemy?moreless
  • Devil's Forest
    Devil's Forest
    Episode 30
    Ron, Ruuji and Mii are still recovering from their recent battle. Meanwhile Garaga and Seijuurou try and recruit the legendary pilot Danbul, but is their something sinister awaiting either group?
  • Secret
    Episode 29
    Ra Kan and Kotona head for the mysterious city IronRock, where a curse supposedly lies, but the past history of Kotona is about to be revealed in an unexpected fashion that could shock everyone. Just how did she gain RainbowJerk, and why did she run away from IronRock in the first place?moreless
  • Legend
    Episode 28
    The BioPtera and BioKentra are given specific orders to pursue Ra Kan and destroy him at all costs. They are free to use any unit or troops, except for Volcano. Will the divided gang be able to survive this new threat?
  • Road to Recovery
    Road to Recovery
    Episode 27
    While Ra Kan and the rebels try to recover, Seeriyou falls sick. Meanwhile Zarin is revealed to be alive, and he discovers that MegaRaptor is now under mass production, but Jinn mentions they have prepeared something new for him. What dangerous new BioZoid is about to be awakened?
  • River of Fog
    River of Fog
    Episode 26
    Ra Kan's masterful plan goes to waste as the Elephandor team tries to leave the encampment early, only to be ambsuhed by the BioRaptors that have been hiding in the fog at Zarin's command. If that's not enough, BioPtera is also with the enemy pursuing the Rainbow Jerk, and Ruuji must battle Zarin and his MegaRaptor. Can any of the rebels manage to survive?moreless
  • The March
    The March
    Episode 25
    Zairin and Ra Kan begin a game of chess to see who can control the cities and take out or save Digald's strongholds. Which side will prove to be the smarter of the two?
  • Arrogance
    Episode 24
    We've seen him fight Ruuji before, but exactly how did Zarin turn into the evil Digald pilot that he has become? All will be revealed in this episode.
  • Hayate
    Episode 23
    Ra Kan asks Ruuji to help him write a letter calling all the Digald rebel organizations together for one massive war against Digald. Will they respond positively? Also, can Ra Kan's Lance Stag brigade provide enough Metal Zi to defeat all the BioZoids that are being created?
  • An Oath
    An Oath
    Episode 22
    It is revealed that Mii is actually a Princess from one of the kingdoms taken over by Digald while Ra Kan reveals a hidden city and renews an old oath with his friend Jin. They'll be overwhelmed when they learn how little of the world they've traveled, but the war with Digald is just heating up, and a few surprises are in store. What will they be?moreless
  • Homecoming
    Episode 21
    Ra Kan decides to return to Ruuji's village to inform them they don't know when they'll be able to find a generator mechanic. The news makes the villagers sad as they must find a place to temporarily move to, but it also makes Ruuji pose the question: which is more important, defeating Digald, or finding a generator mechanic? Can the two be done side-by-side, and what will Ra Kan be able to do when they encoutner the BioPtera?moreless
  • Determination
    Episode 20
    With the BioTricera having finally been defeated, the gang decides to help rebuild the village, but they also try to figure out why Marasume Liger changed forms the night before leading to the question: where is Ron at?
  • Crimson
    Episode 19
    General Georg is not dead like everyone believed. He is alive and desires revenge on Ruuji and cmopany, and when a report falls into his hand that BioRaptors are disappearing, it's only a matter of time before they see how well an injured ra Kan can fight.
  • Reunion
    Episode 18
    The rest of the gang has managed to get back together and is waiting for Ruuji and Gaaraga to find them, but Ra Kaan is severly injured and says he'll be out of action for awhile. What will happen to them if Digald finds out their location?
  • Rage
    Episode 17
    Digald decides to target Muteki-dan since they now have Metal Zi weapons nearby thanks to Ruuji and Garraga, but will these two Zoids be enough to go up against an entire squadron of bio-raptors when the Baratz can do nothing but stand by and watch? We also learn the past troubles Muteki-dan has had with Digald.moreless
  • A Meeting
    A Meeting
    Episode 16
    Ruuji encounters a group of imposters that are pretending to be them in Team Tenka Mutekino Muteki-dan, and he is able to join them when he reveals he fights against Digald, but is there something more to these supposed new allies?
  • Seperation
    Episode 15
    Ruuji wants to go back and save the people of Zu Ruft, but when Ruuji and Gaarag leave to do that very thing, it causes the rest to be ambushed and seperate the gang. Can they find a way to get back together?
  • Escape
    Episode 14
    The gang decides to escape during the cities last line of resistance, but Ruuji is heartbroken to find out that Feerde is dead. Is there any way his city can now be saved?
  • Dominance
    Episode 13
    The people of the city are put on a test to see if they can pilot Zoids. Because he is unconscious, the stone reads Ruuji incorrectly, and he is seperated from the others. The group witnesses the cruelty of a Digald controlled city, but can they find a way to free the people?moreless
  • Infiltration
    Episode 12
    Digald attacks the city of Ze Ruft to gain possession of their generator, and a powerful new bio-zoid is unveiled in the Biotriceratops. Can Ruuji and company find Ferde (the man who can fix generators) and free the city in the process, or will Digald finally destroy them once and for all?moreless
  • Companions on a Journey
    Ruuji's training begins as he has to carry the other zoids on his back. After a time he encounters snow for the first time and is amazed. Meanwhile Zarin is given time off, but a more deadly enemy is put in his place with orders to kill Ra Kahn and all the rebels if he encounters them. Will they be able to find a generator mechanic before the war shifts into high gear?moreless
  • Indecision
    Episode 10
    Ruuji discovers that the man who saved him was Seijuurou and his SoulTiger. The two have been deemed as being the greatest zoid team in the history of the world. What skills can Ruuji learn, and will Seijuurou consider joining the team?
  • Hot Springs Village
    Ruuji is determined to improve his skills so he can defeat Zarin, so Ron decides to break out his newly repaired BamboLian. After losing to Ron, Ruuji determines that he must improve his skills and gets into a fight with a wild Elephandor, but when a whole herd appears, what will Ruuji be able to do?moreless
  • Underground Water Passage
    The zoids are running out of reggel, and only Ruuji can sneak into the generator to get the needed supplies. Can he succeed with Zarin and the Digald guarding it?
  • Mountain of Grief
    Mountain of Grief
    Episode 7
    Garaga refuses to have the rebel forces retreat from the Digald, so they get trapped in a large mountain preparing for one final battle against the Digald. Meanwhile Ruuji discovers there were generator repair mechanics in the region at one time, but they've since moved on.
  • Mountain Hideout
    Mountain Hideout
    Episode 6
    The Digald Empire decides to find out who has been destroying their Barata and BioRaptor Zoids, but when sources report that a Kong type zoid is responsible, they decide to target Garaga.
  • A Duel
    A Duel
    Episode 5
    Kotona refuses to join the other bounty hunters and pretends to be engaged to Ruuji. As a result, Ruuji is challenged to a duel by Garaga. Can Ruuji resolve this mis-understanding with Garaga and Mii pursuing him?
  • The First Town
    The First Town
    Episode 4
    Ruuji sees his first city, the mighty Harayaado, as well as his first flying zoid, but when a group of thieves targets the Murasame Liger, it could spell the end of his quest to find a generator repairman.
  • Departing on a Journey
    Zairin reveals himself to be the captain of the biozoids, and he gets into a battle with the three legendary sword zoids. Can Ruuji hope to defeat him without the proper training, or will the biozoids destroy his town once and for all?
  • Biozoid
    Episode 2
    Two unknown pilots arrive in a Sword Wolf and a Lance Stag to assist Ruuji in his battle. Afterwards they reveal themselves to be Ra Kan and Mii. They reveal that the mysterious zoids Ruuji was fighting are called biozoids, and they can only be destroyed by sword type zoids. Then an unknown pilot named Zairin arrives, but what does he want with the town?moreless
  • Raid
    Episode 1
    An outer village uncovers a large scale Zoid in their ocean. The Zoid is the Marasaume Liger. The boy Ruuji activates it when mysterious large zoids attack his city. Can he somehow save his village when all the other village Zoids are being destroyed as they attempt using their weapons?