Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Unknown Apr 08, 2002 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Van is told that soldiers are after the Republican gold. He goes to the city and has lunch with the Republican Commander. The commander tells them that they are indeed searching for something. They are searching for explosives that had fallen of during the war. Since they couldn't do much in the past they started doing it now. Van then leaves the restaurant with Fiona and the clever boy he is, he knows he is being followed by someone. He tells Zeek to go ahead and asks the guy to come out. It turns out that he is military police or it seems so. He tells Van that they are actually looking for gold and that they are planning to find and sell it in the Empire. He then shows them his partner, the Gun Sniper. Showtime, Van follows Commander Cunnigham and monitors them. They had Command Wolves resting in the back to take out the Blade Liger if he makes a move. Unknowning to Van, the military officer is actually in cahoots with Commander Cunnigham. He tells Van to finish of the Command Wolves and he'll go after the Gustav. They leave and stage that they killed each other in a fight. Van knows that he was being fooled so he went up to see if they were around and then finds them. After a vicious battle with the Gun Sniper, Van defeats it with a couple rounds of his laser shot.