Season 2 Episode 12

The Devil of the Sea

Aired Unknown Apr 22, 2002 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

After taking back the Triple SSS's from Major Ralph and Muler Van and Fiona are called toward Lumear Island. It turns out that Dr. D brought them for a swim. After swimming around relaxing. Van starts to search for Fiona and has trouble finding her. Reice tortures Fiona by her psycho waves and plays mind games with her head. Dr. Dshows Van the operations room in which all of his girls are doing the hardwork of looking at the lost city of the Ancient Zoidians. Fion ais having terrible visionof her life. Dr. D tells Van about the legend on how the city will awake. When two moons are aligned just right, the sea level near the city will fall dramatically, and this only happens every 60 years. The Lost City is accessible for a short amount of time. The eclipse starts and the lost city is unveiled quite nicely. Reice starts attacking Van, first with a decoy Double Sorder and then with after trapping him under water, with a Hammerhead. The Blade Liger isn't built for underwater combat and is in serious trouble both the laser and shield is useless in water. Reice keeps hitting the Blade Liger really hard. After a bold great speech by Dr. D, Van comes up with a smooth way to defeat Reice. He turns around the whirlpool to gain speed and then uses the momentum of the whirlpool and launches the Blade Liger with the extended blades and slices the Hammerhead. He finally makes it to land. Then Van rescues Reice from the whirlpooland her blue organoid, Specula takes her and goes into the Whale King in which Hiltz resides in