Season 4 Episode 10

Visitor from the Past

Aired Unknown Dec 06, 2003 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

A storm has risen up on an island outside of Blue City. While a guard checks the jail cells, he comes across an empty one. As he darts in, we find that the prisoner is outside and has escaped. He was in jail for 3 years, and now wants revenge, but on whom?

The next morning we see RD and Helmut in a Zoid practice battle against each other while Matt and Sigma watch. Matt thinks that Helmut is coping RD's moves until Sigma reveals that RD learned all his moves from Helmut. Helmut easily defeats RD, and Matt reveals that RD is his hero and he can't believe that he lost. This causes Matt to ask Sigma about his hero, and he says it was someone who was aggresive, but he won't reveal any more information.

Back at Mach Storm, Gummie comes to have a conversation. He reveals that the escaped prisoner is one Marvis, and he wants revenge on Helmut. Gummie was going to tell Helmut, but since Helmut wasn't there, he tells the story of how Marvis once killed a PKB Zoid and pilot using an illegaly stolen Zoid. The PKB tried to follow him, but Helmut's command wolf was the only one with capabilities to track the Shadow Fox down. Helmut succesfully tracked hm down and beat him. Now that Marvis has escaped, Gummie fears he'll want revenge, so Mach Storm agrees to tell Helmut.

In an unknown hideout we find Marvis in conversation with a man named Surge. Surge is repairing the Shadow Fox, because he wants Marvis to battle against Mach Storm, so Marvis sends an e-mail calling for an extreme battle against Mach Storm the next morning at dawn. Hop reluctantly accepts, and Sigma begins talking about his experiences with Marvis. It ends up that Marvis helped train Sigma with Mach Storm, and Marvis was Sigma's hero. With this new knowledge, RD agrees to join Sigma and Helmut in the battle the next morning.

That night Matt helps RD prepare the Liger's weapons while Helmut works on the Command Wolf. Helmut is just about to ask RD and Matt what they are doing when Sigma says he might as well not try. They are joining them in the battle, so Helmut says they can come, but he won't let them get hurt.

As they arrive on the battle field, Marvis has some surprises in store. He has a bunch of Gun Snipers to help him with the battle. This causes RD to active his Fuzor and summon Liger Zero Phoenix. Phoenix begins taking out some of the Gun Snipers while Helmut battles against Marvis. Helmut manages to damage the Shadow Fox with a Laser Claw Strike Attack, but Marvis has other zoids in store. He summons Zabats and caterpillar type zoids. With these he manages to damage the Command Wolf and the Leo Striker. RD tries to help, but the Gun Snipers keeps him from getting to close. As the Leo Striker and Command Wolf are forced to get closer together, a strange energy surronds them revealing that the Command Wolf and Leo Striker are fuzor partners. They fuse to become the Command Striker. With the command striker they take out the Gun Snipers and the Shadow Fox, but then Leo Striker's damage gets to be to much causing them to have a command system frezze.

RD rushes down to keep Marvis in place, but he uses a desert flare bomb to blind RD, Sigma, and Helmut and then escapes in a Terrace. RD, Sigma, and Helmut then contemplate what Marvis was trying to prove as they wonder what the future battles will hold.
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