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When people are marked to die, a small grey line, that is invisible to everyone, appears around their neck. As time goes on, the line gets darker and darker till it is black, then the person will die. Kita Michiru posses the ability to see these lines. One day Michiru notices that two boys in her class have these lines around their necks that are black. They reveal to her that they were supposed to die six months ago in an accident, now they have a second chance at life, thanks to the Zombie Loan office. Now spend their time paying off their debt doing Shinigami work. Now Michiru is helping them out, but finds her life is changing drastically.
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  • This was a good show but I felt it had a lot of potential that it never really explored.

    The plot concentrates on Kita Michiru a young girl with the ability to see the lines that appear around peoles neck before they die. She soon notices that Chika Akatsuki and Tachibana should already be dead and when she confronts them they tell her how they got a second lease of life thanks to the Zombie-Loan Company. The inevitably the threesome go off to catch Zombies and make money.

    The plot is not that original but the characters are and that is what makes the show so enjoyable. However it is quite a short series and never really gets to that kind of level that it has the potential to reach. But even despite that is it still enjoyable to watch and much better than a lot of stuff out there.moreless
  • I is real interesting.

    This is a show about a group of teenage kids that kill zombies there is nothing I like more than a good zombie bashing show. I will admit though it dose get alittle confuseing but if you think the show is confuseing then read the book like I did it helped some but either way, I like it mostly cause it is anime, has a plot where killing a zombie is the point, and stuff like this I just find REAL cool. I don't see how someone couldn't like it, unless ur like aginst the killing of zombies or you just hate anime shows.moreless
  • the show died because it wasn't very good

    it had alot of lesbian crap in it and i'm sure that on top of it being unoriginal killed it. i'm glad its gone i couldn't even watch the first episode cuz it was that bad. its such a shame cuz the animation was decent the few bits i saw of it. the characters were 1 dimentional cardboard cut outs instead of giving them personalities. the main plot was scifi ghost garbage which has already been done a thousand times. they should of done something different. even good scifi ghost animes like soul eater and shikabane hime aka can't penetrate the market because bleach is the top one. although its ratings have fallen by a large ammount due to the repetitivity of the arcs they have. i can already predict the next arc will involve sado being kidnapped since he's the only one out of Ichigo's group who hasn't been yet.moreless

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