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  • Season 1
    • Life and Death
      Life and Death
      Episode 11
      Chika finds Shito and takes his hand back and runs of to fight the chainsaw golem. The twisted doctor Yoshizumi, is absorbed into his ultimate golem creation and it up to Chika and Shito stop him.
    • The Corpse Release Spell
      Chika, Michiru and Asou go on a search to find Shito and they stop at the Grim Reapers place to ask him some questions. The Grim Reaper has had his core taken away and Michiru can seem to understand him so he goes with them on the search. Will the Grim reaper be able to help them or will something happen to Shito while they are still looking for him?moreless
    • Living Corpse
      Living Corpse
      Episode 9
      Shito has been abducted. Later a man walks through the door or the Z-loan office and tells the people about the Shito past, the man is a member of the mafia and he says that he will get Shito since he's a valuable asset to them.
    • Fracture
      Episode 8
      Chika's father and sister go to visit Chika at the dorms. Meanwhile, Shito meets up with a man whom he seems to dislike. This person calls him a monster, and tells him that he should not be making friends. Later, Michiru, Chika, and Shito are given a mission to hunt a zombie, but while they are searching, Michiru brings up something that she found in Shito's room. Because of this, Shito gets angry, which is when the two boys get into a fist fight. Shito leaves them, and soon after, a chainsaw suddenly pierces through his him.moreless
    • A Wandering Heart
      The Zombie-Loan group ends up going on a company vacation. Shito and Michiru end up being attacked by a wolf-like creature, which they believe to be a zombie. However, they later meet the wolf once again, but this time, they realize that it is actually a man, and rather than a being a zombie, he is actually a werewolf.moreless
    • The Longing for Freedom
      Michiru, Shito, and Chika learn the awful truth. Chika's old friend Shiba is really an illegal zombie. After explaining why and how he became a zombie, Shiba fights Shito and Chika, who is hesitant to fight his old friend. Later, Michiru learns more about what the Zombie-Loan does, such as paying respects to the funerals of the zombies they've guided. Michiru also learns a little more about Chika and how scared he is of death.moreless
    • Sacrifice
      Episode 5
      While Michiru and Koyomi go shopping, Shito, Chika, and Shiba learn that the Butterfly has posted pictures of his hostage on the net. He and his online followers will have an offline meeting today at 6:00. While the boys try to get to that meeting, Michiru and Koyomi unintentionally go to the meeting and are mistaken as Butterfly followers. They are dragged off by the group, in which one of them is the Butterfly.moreless
    • The Sound of a Butterfly's Wings
      Michiru and Chika meet Chika's old friend Reiichiro Shiba. While catching up with him, they are attacked by rat zombies. They escape unscathed thanks to Shiba's quick thinking. Shito and Chika suspect that the rat zombies were made by someone with a black ring, an illegal zombie. While trying to find the zombie, with the help of Shiba, the gang realizes that the zombie they are looking for is connected to the recent female college student murders, with the serial killer calling himself the Butterfly.moreless
    • A Dead Man's Tongue
      After Michiru moves out of her guardian's home, she meets a young girl named Shimotsuki Kuse, who allows her to start living in an abandoned dorm in her school. There, Michiru meets an upperclassmen, Koyomi Yoimachi, who holds a welcoming party for her. It is here in which Michiru learns that she'll have to work as Shito and Chika's "gopher". Afterwards, Koyomi falls asleep in Michiru's room. When Michiru tries to wake her up, she learns the hard way about Koyomi's "other side"...moreless
    • Are You Gonna Die?
      Not only have there been recent cases of students disappearing from Michiru's school, but also Michiru sees a ring around her neck, meaning that she will die soon. Afraid, she stays in her room, despite Shito and Chika asking her to meet them at night to help find the zombie responsible for the disappearances. When Michiru learns that her friend Yumi was one of missing students, she faces her fears, meets the boys, and searches for the zombie. Michiru gets separated from Shito and Chika and finds her friend Yumi unconscious in the nurse's office. It's not long until Michiru realizes that the nurse is actually the zombie that she, Chika and Shito were looking for.moreless
    • Shinigami's Eyes
      Shinigami's Eyes
      Episode 1
      Michiru Kita has something that she is not proud to have: the eyes of a Shinigami (death god). When she takes off her glasses, she is able to see rings around people's necks. When a ring completely becomes black, that person would die. What's more is that there are two boys, Chika Akatsuki and Shito Tachibana, in her school who have black rings around their necks and yet they're still alive! One night, Michiru eavesdrop on the two who discover her and decide to kill her on the spot. However, a zombie dog appears, but Chika and Sh(i)to use strange powers and slay it. The next day, the boys, learning that Michiru has the eyes of a Shinigami, take her to a place called the Z-Loan...moreless