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  • Loved it

    So, to keep things simple and short, I absolutely loved the pilot and would really like to see more episodes. The opening scene was brilliant!
  • Goofy and fun

    I actually think this was really funny. Light hearted and goofy humour in Zombieland. I hope we get to see more of this.
  • Welcome to Zombieland.

    I admit it, I was a little skeptical when they saw that they were making a series which would follow the adventures of Columbus, Wichita, Talahassee and Little Rock as they travel around the US in search of a place they could call home, while killing as many zombies as they can, but I guess I was wrong about being skeptical. The show is clearly good, and the cast was very well chosen (love the actress who's playing Little Rock as well as the actor who plays Talahassee).

    If the series is as good as the pilot was, I will definitely watch it. I give this one a 9, hoping that it will be turned into a 10.
  • watchable

    I've watched a movie and was not expecting anything good from this series, but what surprised me is this it was still pretty watchable. It is OK to watch, nothing really good, but nothing bad either - relates to the movie and pretty much looks like low-budget series. But still there is something that makes me want to see next episode