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Oh, the schnizzel just got real!

By which I mean now Billy Burke gets to have twice the fun on The Mitch Morgan Show (umm, I mean Zoo), by playing a bad guy as well as a good guy. The reconstituted photo even shows him with a goatee!

But on with the recap of "Oz is Oz" . As is usually the case, the team recovers one McGuffin and comes up with another. Super-Mitch the action hero (and veterinary pathologist!) rescues Clementine McGuffin from the hands of the Gentlemen, although they don't get a name check as such this week). He breaks in, takes out a few guards (including Dan Shea from Stargate SG-1!), shoots out a window. When more guards corner Mitch and Clem, Clem grabs the gun and pulls a Blazing Saddles, threatening to shoot her unborn child if they don't drop their guns. If they thought she was potentially suicidal, shouldn't they have strapped her to a chair? And if they don't think that, call her bluff.

Anyhoo, Clem and Mitch escape and have a chat about parenthood.

I'm such a stud, i can emote and drive through NY traffic at night at the same time!

Meanwhile, Jackson and Tessa benefit a bit more from Jackson's previously unrevealed hybrid-control powers. They get away with Abendegos (who I am not calling "Abe" for short), and get back to the jet. There follows a murky scene where Jackson goes into the camper with the mutant and tranquilizes it. I think: it's hard to tell.

The team flies to New York to pick up Mitch and Clem, and Abe does Science Stuff (tm) to determine that Clem's unborn child's proteins and the hybrid spinal fluid combine to make a potential anti-TX sterilization serum. But of course, there's a catch and guess what it is. That's right: they need a McGuffin! Specifically, they need DNA from all six hybrids. Abe can tell there are six from analyzing the three hybrid samples he has because, you know, science.

Meanwhile, Jamie and Logan analyze the data from Dead Leanna's contact lens. Which melts down for some reason but Jamie gets the data anyway. It has video of Leanna being murdered by... yep, Abigail. Logan smartly notes that this means there's a new suspect (duh!) and Jamie is cleared of that murder that she confessed to.

Also, the Zoo Crew determine that Reiden was feeding radioactive (?) pills to the abducted children, claiming it was candy. They track the radioactive footprint to upstate New York and if it's off on another McGuffin.

Interspersed with this is the razorback hybrids dragging the injured Abigail back to a Shepherd (?) compound in upstate New York. They toss her in a stasis tank, and as she simmers at 250 degrees, Abigail has flashbacks to when she was on the Shepherd island with her father Robert. And yes, it's Ken Olin, who I guess his Thirtysomething royalties dried up unexpectedly so he needs cash. Since they're flashbacks, Robert Oz can show up even though he died last year. Abigail is conveniently present and secretly listening in to a couple of key scenes from last year. She also breeds the Abendegos hybrid, and I have no idea how it ended up a camper in Mexico. It all ties into Blue Diaspora, and combining Abigail's DNA with the hybrids. Which I guess gives Jackson an in with them as well.

We eventually find out that Abigail tossed Mitch in the tank after he was almost-killed by the hybrids. Meanwhile, Jamie has gotten a photo of Abigail's mysterious partner, Mr. Duncan. It needs computer clean-up, and Jamie gives the tablet that the program is running on to Mitch. The program finishes the clean-up and Mitch realizes that Mr. Duncan is... himself. With a goatee. Ruh-roh!

So Mitch was in the tank for ten years, but Evil Mitch was running around for at least some of that time with a goatee? I'm confused. I suppose that means Evil Mitch is still out there somewhere.

So the Zoo Crew has to find the three remaining hybrids. And rescue Isaac and the other Reiden children. And right now only Mitch knows that there was an Evil Mitch, but I'm sure that will change.

Oh, and Clem forgives Dariela for having her kidnapped and almost auctioned off. So I guess Dariela is now back to full-fledged member of the Zoo Crew.

i forgive you for turning me over to bad actresses pretending to be mercenaries.

So Zoo is back to its regular zaniness. Nonso Anozie is all DNA this and protein that, and no reference is made to the rift between him and Dariela. The rest of the show stars are okay. But of course, Billy Burke shines as Super-Mitch. He takes out guards, shoots windows, gets angry with Dariela, and now he gets to play Evil Mitch. I'm sure he'll get that Emmy this year. *His voice heavy with that which men call sarcasm.*

And of course, we get a giant snake hybrid in next week's episode. Because what is Zoo without giant CGI animals? It makes you wonder what the show's "animal unit manager" Ian Doig does. He's probably a CGI artist.

Speaking of which, does anybody else find it odd that Zoo doesn't have a technical consultant? Heck, Blood Drive has a technical consultant. But Zoo doesn't?

But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong. What do you think?
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Aug 10, 2017
Coming back to the site after some weeks of holiday (where is the time I used to be on holiday and still write posts), I realised my prediction has come true: all the post on the homepage were yours. You keep the community going. All hail Gislef!

I abandoned Zoo after season 2 but I liked your review as it so demonstrates how low it has sunk. I love the word McGuffin when used in the correct way and it seems this episode had no idea where it was going. Sometimes I think I should start watching it again just to make sure I have nightmares. But I guess it still hasn't got to the level of my favourite great bad series off all time: Under the dome. I had so much fun make posts about it.

I looked at the premise of Blood Drive and It is pretty insane en stupid too. Should I at least try the first two episodes or just leave it, knowing I did not waste two hours of my life?
Aug 10, 2017
Well, it's mid- to late-summer. Usually there are several other posts on the front page as well. I'm also sure that my posts really keep the community "going."

I like Blood Drive. I suppose it depends on how much you like grindbouse. There's a fair amount of movie, TV, and social parody in it, too. I'd call it "thinking man's grindhouse." ;)
Aug 08, 2017
Sorry, I had to pause it and write this... So Clem didn't steal from Rayden anything that'll help her get pregnant?

Why did Rayden need the kids if they're game plan isn't solving the sterilization problem which would be what Clem got her hands on and why Rayden is after her because she stile from them their formula or whatever.
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