Zoobilee Zoo

(ended 1987)


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  • creepilee zoo

    i gotta admit, this show used to scare me a little. i thought the animal people were pretty creepy. i however like creepy so i gave it a better rating. i would buy it on dvd or at least netflix it were it available, just to share the oddity with my husband who has never heard of it.
  • Would buy it if available on DVD!

    I remember watching this show back from like 2nd to 6th grade (obviously I told no one when in the 6th grade) and I loved it! I was glued to the tv during summer vacations. It was cute, educational, and I'd probably still be secretly watching today if it was on. Heck, i'd go out and buy the DVD collection! My favorite character was Whazzat Kangaroo. I don't remember why exactly, was she the youngest? Don't know... Either way, i'm wishing and hoping I can someday have this in my collection to have my kids grow up on such a sweet and endearing show.
  • A childhood favorite that was too short-lived. I watched this from about 2nd grade until about 5th in secret due to fear of embarassment about watching it. It was strangely addicting, and I would watch it still today if it were on.

    Everyone Up! Everyone In! Time For the Fun to Begin!

    I swear I will probably remember this theme song even when I'm 85. This show was just a joy to watch, with its colorful costumes, musical numbers, and animal-characters that widely appealed to kids. Looking back there seemed to have been a slight psychadelic feel to it as well, but maybe that's just me. Watching this show really made me feel like I was transported to some distant magical land, and kind of saddened me whenever the show would end that I wouldn't ever truly get to go to Zoobilee Zoo. For anybody having kids, if you could ever get your hands on the entire series I would highly recommend this show to the little ones - this 80s gem is timeless.
  • Zoobilee Zoo was a show about animals living together as friends in a funny land. Whazzat Kangaroo, Talkative Cockatoo, Lookout Bear, Bill Der Beaver, Bravo Fox, Van Go Lion, and a purple leopard for a narrator made up the loveable cast that taught valuab

    "Zoobilee Zoo! Zoobilee Zoo! Magic and wonder are waiting for you..."

    Who could forget the opening song?

    That show was an all-time favorite for me and my two siblings; an older sister and a younger brother. We watched reruns of it before we even knew what reruns were. For myself, I watched it from about age three until they changed the channel and time when I was about eight.
    I remember getting up early and sneaking out into the living room to watch it on TLC's 'Ready, Set, Learn'. ALL us kids loved it.

    We all had our favorite characters. Mine was Lookout Bear becuase I was on a teddy bear kick and I could relate to his sometime-nervous nature. My sister, who loved pink, liked Whazzat Kangaroo. My brother was partial to Bravo Fox.

    All the episodes were fun, but there's one that I don't think I'll ever forget. I don't remember what it was called, but it was the episode where the gang meets a deaf Zooble. Whazzat is sad and wants to talk to him, but doesn't know how. Everyone tried to communicate without much success until Talkative Cockatoo teaches them a little sign language. 'I am your friend'. This opens the door for friendship between the Zoobles and 'the new guy'.

    I still kind of miss the show, and wish it were still on instead of all those raunchy cartoons for kids to watch.
  • Zoobilee Zoo is a show about animals, such as Van Go Lion, Bravo Fox, and Lookout Bear, that sing and dance throughout the show. It wasn't interactive like today's kids shows, but it didn't talk down to little kids, no matter how young they were.

    Man, I remember watching this when I was a little kid in my grandmother's office! I was recently thinking about it and how fun it was to watch, but I couldn't remember what it was called. I finally found it, and would now give anything to be able to watch it again. I used to know the entire theme song, and LOVED Van Go Lion and Bravo Fox. It's a shame it lasted only one season, though. Unfortunately, if it's in sydication, I haven't been able to find it. I'll tell you, though, that was a quality kids show. If you'll notice, most of the TV shows for kids today are crap!
  • Great Show

    I watched this show as an adult and fell in love with it. I think this show was a masterpiece. Clean, fun, educational, 4 stars in my book. The charactors were fun to watch. Loved the musicals which I still sing today! Yeah, too bad there aren't more shows like this today to teach the young ones something bright! Bravo to Zoobilee Zoo! Bravo
  • Watching this show through a 5 year olds eyes this was the best show. Now being a mother myself I wish there were more shows like this on the air for my child to watch.

    Learning about loving your friends and keeping morals and values throughout life, those are great lessons to be learned. I wish they could bring back Zoobilee Zoo and teach kids why morals and values are so important rather than just having shows teach kids how to deal with the pains of the world, it is not bad to talk about things that go on in the world I strongly believe that is the job of the parents and children should have a break from that while watching television.