Animal Planet (ended 2000)


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Kids compete together on this game show for the ultimate prize of Zoo Keeper for the Day at the San Diego Zoo, where this show was shot. J.D. Roth hosted the show, and one of the prizes included a CD hosted by himself. Each episode had 4 kids, two of which would eventually be eliminated. There were 3 sections in this show: Section 1: The first two contestants would compete in the following games/game types: Animal Stunt Game Contestants would do something animal-related, one of these included throwing bananas into a monkey's mouth. This continued into the show's second season. True or False Contestants would be asked questions about animals. Animal Puzzle Contestants would have a puzzle and a mystery word. They'd have to put together the puzzle before the buzzer rang. Section 2: The second 2 contestants, with the previous two sitting down watching the game and lounging out, would do a similar set of games. The only difference would be the third game which was: Animal Trivia Mix and Match The contestants would match the answers with the animal-related questions. Whoever got the highest score would go with the winner in the first section and compete in... Bonus Round: The contestants would play a game that was similar to Scrabble's Speedword. It basically was the same, except with an animal twist. If there was a tie, there would be another question. The player who won would be Zoo Keeper for the Day. The second season had a slightly different format. Section 1: The same. Section 2: Habit Match Contestants would have a list of habits for animals and have to match them up correctly. Field Trip Contestants would watch a video about an animal, and then have to put the proper facts with it. Zoofari Challenge: The two winning contestants would do an obstacle course with animal-related environments. Such things included crawling under branches like a snake or climbing over a rock.moreless