Zorro (1990)

Black Family Channel (ended 1992)




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • My Word Is My Bond
      My Word Is My Bond
      Episode 13
      Victoria tracks down a friend accused of being a horse thief putting herself in danger. Zorro must ride with a broken leg to protect the women he loves.
    • The Reward
      The Reward
      Episode 12

      Victoria is attacked at the Tavern by a wanted man. Three men come to her rescue, the criminal dies, but the 3,000 pesos reward creates its own issues.

    • Symbol of Hope
      Symbol of Hope
      Episode 11
      Victoria is nursing a sick boy who dreams of riding with Zorro.
    • The Discovery (4)
      The Discovery (4)
      Episode 10
      Inez Ricendo lied to her adopted son, leading him to believe that his true father, Alejandro De la Vega, rejected him in favour of Diego. The Alcalde and Mendoza are horrified to discover that Ricendo is alive and that their death sentence still stands. Ricendo allows them to wander free on their last day of life promising that if either of them tries to escape the other will die the most painful death he can invent. Ricendo sets a trap for Zorro, burying him alive in a rockfall. Then he goes to the Hacienda De La Vega to reveal himself to ALejandro as his first born son, convinced that he has been wronged by his father and determined to kill him.moreless
    • Conundrum (3)
      Conundrum (3)
      Episode 9
      The Alcalde blames Zorro for Hidalgo's death and tries to use Victoria to bait a trap. When Zorro goes after Victoria, Toranado is taken captive. Ricendo tries to put a rift between Don Alejandro and his son by using forged letters, but Alejandro isn't fooled. When Zorro attempts to rescue Toranado all does not go smoothly and he ends up injured while Ricendo falls from the rooftops. While the Pueblo celebrates Ricendo's death, his mother arrives in Los Angeles to see the final destruction of the De la Vegas. She is determined that the De La Vegas must die.moreless
    • Death & Taxes (2)
      Determined to get his taxes quickly, Ricendo confiscates church property. He makes it clear that he does this because wealthy landowners, like De la Vega, are exempt from paying taxes. The people insist that the De la Vega hacienda be given to Ricendo instead of the church. To add insult to injury, Ricendo impounds the De la Vega bank accounts so they cannot even buy their own lands back. While Don Diego goes to Santa Barbera to consult a lawyer, Zorro decides to teach Ricendo a lesson. But the Alcalde and Mendoza are waiting to catch Zorro as well.moreless
    • The Arrival (1)
      The Arrival (1)
      Episode 7
      A special emissary from the King, Gilberto Ricendo, arrives in Los Angeles and the first thing he does is arrest the Alcalde for treason. He brings with him a troop of Royal Cavalry, sentences the Alcalde to death and imposes martial law while he collects a special war tax. When Zorro spoils his plans Ricendo decides on a new plan. Either the Alcalde and Mendoza catch Zorro or they both die instead. Ricendo's real purpose in Los Angeles, however, is nothing to do with collecting taxes. He is out to destroy the De La Vegas.moreless
    • Like Father, Like Son

      Don Alejandro bumps his head, falls into Zorro's hideout and when he comes to believes he is Zorro and rides out to fight injustice.

    • As Ye Sow
      As Ye Sow
      Episode 5

      When the sons of an eminent minister from Madrid move to the pueblo and then die horribly, the Alcalde sees it as an opportunity to frame Zorro. But Zorro soon learns that the actions of Luis Ramone, the previous Alcalde, have come back to haunt them.

    • Love Potion Number Nine
      Victoria finds a collection of bottles left by Dr Henry Wayne, including potions for Strength, Fear, Passion and Love. Frustrated by her wait for Zorro she decides to dose him with the Love potion. But when the Alcalde drinks the potion by mistake, Victoria only has eyes for him.
    • The Fox and the Rabbit
      The Pueblo is duped by a bogus tax collector who it turns out is a cunning con-artist known as "El Conejo" (The Rabbit). He steals Don ALejandro's prize racehorse in order to make his escape. Don Alejandro, the Alcalde and Zorro all go (separately) in pursuit of the villain who proves to be almost too cunning for even Zorro.moreless
    • An Affair to Remember
      Zorro tries to help Victoria when she is attacked by bandits but when she is hurt, he is obliged to take her back to his hideout. There he wonders whether it is finally time to tell her the truth.
    • Ultimate Justice
      Ultimate Justice
      Episode 1
      The Alcalde pursues Zorro into Sacred Indian Burial lands and Zorro has to undergo a trial of endurance order to save the Alcalde's life.
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