Zorro (1990)

Black Family Channel (ended 1992)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Dead Men Tell No Tales
      A mysterious, surly stranger arrives at Victoria's tavern one night, demanding a room. When he is found dead the following morning, Victoria is quickly arrested for his murder and condemned without a trial. It soon becomes clear that Victoria is a pawn in the Alcalde's plans for Zorro.
    • Deceptive Heart
      Deceptive Heart
      Episode 2
      Widower Don Alejandro has long been corresponding with the widowed Senora de la Pena, and has finally invited her to visit him, with an eye towards matrimony. Don Diego is concerned about his father marrying a woman he has never even seen, but when the widow turns out to be a lovely woman far different--and much younger--than the cameo portrait sent to Don Alejandro, he becomes deeply suspicious.moreless
    • Water
      Episode 3
      In the middle of a drought, the only reliable source of water is the fountain in the center of the Los Angelos pueblo, which has never been known to run dry. The Alcalde attempts to make the people pay for the use of the water. When Don Alejandro de la Vega and his fellow landowners force the Alcalde to back down, he finds a way to shut off the fountain. The people are welcome to free water on his own land--after paying for the privilege of travelling to it. Zorro must use both his scholarship and his fighting skills to win the day.moreless
    • Double Entendre
      Double Entendre
      Episode 4
      Don Diego is startled to discover that a local Indian village has been brutally attacked...by Zorro. More crimes come to light. As the people of Los Angelos slowly start to believe it and turn against him, Zorro must hasten to find and expose his imposter.
    • The Best Man
      The Best Man
      Episode 5
      Don Diego's cousin comes for a visit, and to introduce his fiancee. However, the romantic young woman promptly decides that she is in love with Zorro, and plans to marry him instead. Don Diego's attempts to put his cousin in an heroic, romantic light backfire, and his cousin proposes to fight with Zorro to win his lady back.moreless
    • The Sure Thing
      The Sure Thing
      Episode 6
      A crafty young man, known to Don Diego, comes to Los Angelos, boasting of his horse's speed. He loses a race to Don Diego, who suspects that the young man deliberately held back. A young farmer with a prize horse that he has raised in secret, bets everything he has on a race. Many others, including the Alcalde, bet heavily on him as well. The young farmer loses the race, and only finds out afterwards that his horse had been poisoned. When it is pointed out that Zorro's horse Toronado is the fastest horse in California, the young man suggests an all-or-nothing race. The Alcalde agrees to suspend his persecution of Zorro long enough for the race to be run--but immediately afterwards, however....moreless
    • Zorro's Other Woman
      Out one day on a casual patrol of the territory, Zorro investigates a fire out in the middle of nowhere. He discovers two thieves with a stolen covered wagon. Before he can capture them, he finds a female infant in the back of the wagon. In the process of locating her parents, the little one touches several hearts, including that of Zorro, Victoria, and...Sergeant Mendoza. The Alcalde, however, sees her only as a source of cash, as her immigrant parents have offered a reward for her return.moreless
    • The Legend Begins (1)
      When the Alcalde decides to conscript men for forced labor to build a new highway (named for himself), Don Alejandro makes the mistake of announcing that he will journey to Monterey to speak with the governor personally. Zorro, of course, is on hand to intervene when Don Alejandro is ambushed by lancers. While leading the soldiers off into the hills, a chance shot spooks Toronado, sending Zorro down into a ravine. Sergeant Mendoza returns to town to announce Zorro's death. When Toronado returns to the secret cave, Felipe takes him and tracks Zorro down. Zorro is suffering from a bad concussion, and his mind drifts to the time when he attended university in Madrid, learning swordsmanship as well as scholarship, before his father recalled him to help cope with the new, corrupt Alcalde. The soldiers are returning to collect Zorro's body. Even if there was a way out of the ravine, Zorro is in no condition to move....moreless
    • The Legend Begins (2)
      With Mendoza and his lancers approaching, and Felipe steadfastly refusing to abandon his friend, Zorro's mind again drifts to the past. His father and Victoria, among others, were jailed for speaking against the new Alcalde. Mendoza unwittingly informed Don Diego that soldiers fear the mysterious and the unknown most of all. Diego decided he would need to create a character that would inspire such fear. His plans began with the secret cave attached to the hacienda--originally a safeguard against Indian attack. When Felipe discovered a fox--un zorro--hiding in the cave, Diego mused on its secretiveness, its cunning and its strong instinct for survival, and realized that he had the symbol he needed for his new persono. Zorro's first act was to release the prisoners from jail. In the present, Mendoza has nearly reached the ravine. Felipe still refuses to leave, but he has an idea....moreless
    • The Legend Begins (3)
      Felipe suceeds in hiding himself and Zorro from the soldiers, although they take the hat and cape. Toronado chases off the lancers' horses, leaving them to make a long march back to Los Angeles. Zorro thinks back to when he acquired the third member of his team. Knowing that he needed swift mobility to suceed, he went looking for a horse that no one would recognize, and found a wild black stallion. While making friends with it, and bringing it back to the cave, the Alcalde and his men found and re-arrested Don Alejandro, planning to execute him in the morning. With the new horse not yet prepared for his role, Zorro looked to Leonardo da Vinci to assist in his next public appearance.moreless
    • The Legend Begins (4)
      Toronado discovers a way out of the ravine, but Zorro is still in very bad shape from his concussion. With everyone growing convinced that Zorro is dead, the Alcalde escalates his outrageous demands on the people, and rubs salt in their wounds by planning a memorial service for the dead "bandit". Diego disregards medical advice to assure the people that Zorro is still alive and kicking, and uses his scientific knowledge to give the appearance of having an army at his back.moreless
    • Pride of the Pueblo
      A free man of color gets a lot of attention when he passes through Los Angeles. When he defends himself against two malicious lancers, he is arrested, and his papers proving that he is a free man are confiscated. The Alcalde is humiliated that his men were so easily defeated, especially as there is an envoy from the governor investigating the Alcalde's work with an eye to a possible promotion. Don Diego and his father suggest that the prisoner be allowed to fight for his freedom as a way for the Alcalde to show off his men's fighting skills. The Alcalde sends for a vicious fighter who had been cashiered out of the militia. When Zorro provokes this man into breaking his own hand, the governor's envoy selects Sergeant Mendoza to fight the prisoner.moreless
    • Honor Thy Father
      Honor Thy Father
      Episode 13
      Don Alejandro is shot by robbers and fall into a coma. Diego regrets the secrets he has been forced to keep from his father.
    • The Magician
      The Magician
      Episode 14
      A magician visits the pueblo, enthralling the onlookers, although a skeptical Diego is certain that his "magic" is merely illusion. The magician becomes very attentive to Victoria. Sgt. Mendoza is preparing to leave to intercept and escort a gold shipment. He is nervous because he has heard that a similar shipment elsewhere was robbed after being attacked by "fireballs". Sure enough, the same thing happens to him. Zorro comes on the scene, but is unable to catch the thief. He is certain that the magician had something to do with it, but finds him asleep in his room at the tavern, and Victoria assures Diego that he was at the pueblo all evening. Diego must determine how a man could be in two places at once. Meanwhile, the magician is urging Victoria to abandon her tavern and travel with him.moreless
    • A Deal with the Devil
      Colonel Palomarez of the Spanish Army arrives in Los Angeles to find and execute the bandit Zorro. The Alcalde, at first pleased and honored to see him, is stunned and horrified to find that Palomarez plans to locate Zorro by having an innocent inhabitant of the pueblo hanged each morning until Zorro is found. The Colonel's men are equally indifferent to the people they are allegedly protecting, dragging men and women out of the rooms at Victoria's tavern, throwing them bodily out, and taking over the place for themselves. The first name drawn in the death lottery is Sgt. Mendoza, and Palomarez suggests that the Alcalde will be next if he protests any further. Zorro offers to meet Palomarez, a skilled swordsman, in a fair fight, one on one, but finds out the hard way that Palomarez has no regard for fairness or honor.moreless
    • Whereabouts
      Episode 16
      An author from Spain visits Los Angeles, convinced that he can discover Zorro's true identity and thereby gain fame and wealth.
    • All That Glitters
      All That Glitters
      Episode 17
      Two years ago, in Los Angeles, the Alcalde had captured Leonardo Montez, a man suspected of stealing a valuable jewel from a church in Santa Barbara, but the jewel was not found on his person. Montez has now escaped from prison and is reported heading for Los Angeles. The Alcalde takes this to mean that the precious jewel had been hidden in or around the pueblo before Montez was captured. The Alcalde is determined to capture Montez again and force him to reveal where the jewel is hidden, so that he can take it for himself. Zorro is equally determined to find the jewel and return it to the Church.moreless
    • Child's Play
      Child's Play
      Episode 18
      Don de Soto, a kindly and generous landholder, has passed away. His greedy and self-centered son returns to Los Angeles and loses no time in evicting his father's tenants. This includes an old man who had served the de Soto's for thirty years, and his grandson Miguel, a stableboy who had been promised one of de Soto's horses. When Felipe gets Zorro involved, a fight breaks out, and Zorro naturally comes out the winner. As he leaves, the young de Soto snatches his gun and shoots Toronado in the leg. Fearing that he could be trapped if the lancers come in pursuit, Zorro unsaddles Toronado and leaves him to make his own way home. However, Miguel finds him, treats his wound, and accepts him as a substitute for the horse he was promised. Zorro may find that retrieving Toronado is more difficult than persuading the young de Soto to treat his people decently.moreless
    • A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
      A new priest is arriving to take charge of the mission. Don Diego has been in correspondence with him for some time and knows him for a kindly, gentle man, interested in birds. Don Alejandro meets with him and is startled to find him a cold, harsh man, unwilling to allow the poor to share in the fruits growing around the mission, and demanding that the people attached to the mission spend their evenings doing chores, after having put in a long day's hard work. He also demands that the local landowners make large donations to the mission. Diego notices that the written demand for cash has different handwriting than his letters from the padre. After Zorro exposes the new padre as an impostor, the man escapes, and demands a heavy ransom for the return of the real padre.moreless
    • Ghost Story
      Ghost Story
      Episode 20
      Sgt. Mendoza, an orphan, unexpectedly becomes heir to a local hacienda and its surrounding land with the death of a distant cousin. Mendoza is excited at being suddenly lifted to the rank of "caballero", but he is dismayed to find that his new home comes equipped with the ghost of the original builder of the hacienda. Skeptical Diego is immediately certain that someone is trying to frighten Mendozo into getting rid of his property, but who--and why?moreless
    • The Bounty Hunters
      The Bounty Hunters
      Episode 21
      A wagon carrying, among other things, letters for Spain and a shipment of gold, is attacked by a band of Indians, who kill three of the four men. The outraged survivor, Casey Hawkes, is loud in his demands for justice, leading the governor to establish a heavy bounty for the Indians responsible for the theft--dead or alive. Unfortunately, greedy bounty hunters--including Hawkes--are prepared to round up any Indians and proclaim them guilty. Zorro intervenes to stop the slaughter of innocent men, but the Alcalde is unwilling to arrest the bounty hunters simply on the word of the "bandit", Zorro. Zorro puts his recent experiments in the new discovery of capturing images to good use as he looks for the real thieves--and evidence that will convict them.moreless
    • The Unhappy Medium
      The Unhappy Medium
      Episode 22
      Miatana, a medium for the dead, visits the pueblo. Her uncanny abilities lead to an investigation by Zorro and a sword duel for Diego.
    • An Explosive Situation
      The Alcalde is delighted to receive an invitation to a private, surprise birthday party for Don Alejandro at Victoria's tavern--although he is a little crestfallen to find that Sgt. Mendoza has also received an invitation. Meanwhile, Don Diego and his father are preparing to go to the tavern to attend a surprise birthday party for Sgt. Mendoza. It turns out that a vengeful escaped convict has decided to destroy his enemies in one fell swoop, tying up the four men and Victoria and leaving them to watch as a long trail of gunpowder slowly burns toward a full barrel of the stuff. With Don Diego as helpless as the rest, who can save them?moreless
    • Family Business
      Family Business
      Episode 24
      A woman shows up at the de la Vegas' door claiming to be Felipe's mother. Victoria's brother Francisco intends on impressing the Alcalde by capturing Zorro.
    • Palomarez Returns
      Palomarez Returns
      Episode 25
      Some time after Zorro humiliated him and sent him out of Los Angeles, Colonel Palomarez returns, carrying a document signed by the king of Spain. This document seems to nullify all previous land grants ceded by the king, and turns all the land over to Palomarez. His first act is to take over the de la Vega rancho for his own use. Spying on him from the secret cave, Zorro not only determines that the document is a forgery, but that Palomarez intends selling the land to the British! However, before Zorro can take steps to thwart him, Palomarez manages to jab him with his sword--which had been dipped in a deadly poison. Now Zorro must not only save Los Angeles, but his own life.moreless
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