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  • New World (Family Channel) Zorro will be available on DVD in December 2010 through A&E Video. Please click on my review for further details. A fun entertaining family friendly show that Zorro fans of all ages are sure to love.

    New World (Family Channel) Zorro will be availble on DVD in December 2010 through A&E Video. The show will include may bonus features. ONE of the special features that will be on the DVD release is the never before seen pilot episode.

    Check out the official Zorro website at Zorro.com

    Please check out the New World Zorro fan site at http://www.newworldzorro.com/ for more details. Also please feel free to join the New World Zorro Yahoo group for further information and discussion if you're not already a member.
    http://tv.groups.yahoo.com/group/New_World_Zorro/?yguid=402499340 There's also a new world zorro facebook page titled: From out of the night... a hero must rise
  • Little naive but a very good adventure and something for kids and even for older people..

    I think I was quite a kid when I first saw it and then it caught me by the action.. I mean.. Zorro, a man who helps the poor and unfortunate. He is hero and I think it that age.. heroism, an adventure and beautiful romance, secrets and all that just worked it magic.

    But now.. after years later, I happened to see it again. And for my surprised, I discovered a totally new sides of the show.

    I cannot say it is perfectly done. In so many ways, I look it, and it has that plain nativity in many levels (ala how noone realize Diego is Zorro and good guys always win), there is much childish and some weird low budget things (ala all night scenes shot in day and then turned darker) but if you manage to overlook all that (and maybe it is not even required), a really beautiful story is unfolded.

    I cannot say, again, that all main cast do stunning acting. Maybe they do and you just do not notice it, as it is so expected. I think some chars are maybe too plain (like Victoria but even she has more in her than just beautiful girl waiting for her hero). Some characters are more complex and that somehow balances it. But I think most people are not expecting complex from that show - it is that something you can watch and enjoy.

    For me, the best thing probably is the characters. I mean, Diego is the portray of what many people should be - heroic, self sacrificing, ready to help others, curious.. that kind of things that are expected of good person and maybe it does serve it purpose - having that pure good char. And then there is Filippe, an enigmatic char. And to be honest, to see trough that complex char was one of the best discoveries for me when I saw this show again. And Victoria - maybe little simple but purely good, very beautiful, good willing and caring. And against them there is Mendoza.. I think the fun part of this show but honestly, I hardly ever laugh over him. But I think to play so miserable and failing guy, it has to be good work. And Alcaldes.. two of them but I think they had much in same in personalities. A warning what not to become..

    So.. to consider it is a family show, light entertainment and not meant to have deep meaning, it is really enjoyable show - with really great cast (they did chose those well, credit for that), little naive storilines but there is still something I have not figured out that really impacted me.. great show
  • Classic family action adventure with the first superhero of the New World; the elusive and clever Zorro. Fighting injustice and saving the damsel in distress - What else do you want?

    This show has a very special place in my heart and I will always love it and oversee it's flaws if it ever had any!
    I realise that it was low budget and many of the episodes were mediocre and even bad at times, but the good episodes totally make up for that. In fact, some of the worst episodes are only bad because they brought in guest actors who really didn't fit in. The main cast always did a brilliant job no matter what. I watched this show as a kid and was obsessed with it for years. When the show ended I thought my world would end as well, but luckily there is a small and loyal fanbase for this show with people with amazing writing skills. Fanfiction was my saviour.
    It has everything needed for a family show and it never had to rely on blood, sex or brutal violence to capture an audience. The characters were very lovable and it had very good educational values. The show grew as it progressed and in the later seasons the story lines grew darker and more serious. I often wonder what would have become of the show if it was not on the Family Channel and of course, everyone wondered what happened after the last unresolved cliffhanger episode.
    If you are looking for a show with old fashion action and romance, then The new World Zorro is the show to watch.
  • Just the next Zorro series...

    I found this movie and another at our public SF library and was happy to see them. This movie is entitled "Zorro, The Legend Begins" and offers Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. (Stephanie Zimbalist of Remington Steel fame is his daughter) as Zorro's father. The one difference in this telling of Zorro is his younger deaf mute companion.

    The film starts off with Don Diego (Zorro) as a young man sent from his father's prosperous ranch in a small Mexican village to a bigger city to broaden his education and to train with a famous swordsman. Diego returns many years later, his little deaf mute playmate has grown up as has the lovely Victoria (Patrice Camhi) who now runs the local tavern. The town is controlled by a vicious "Alcade" (Michael Tylo) who taxes the poor ranchers and tax people and is brutal to them. Zorro is being chased by the soldiers when he falls over a cliff and his horse goes back to the ranch to fetch Felipe (Juan Botta, the young deaf mute. As he lay there he takes us back through his memories of his life as Zorro. We learn how and why Don Diego creates his Zorro identity and watch as he saves the townspeople from the cruel Alcade.

    This is not a cheesy production. The costumes are well done as are the sets, including a glorious clipper ship that is real and takes Don Diego on his journey to learn how to be an expert swordsman. I'm hoping there are many more of these productions that I just haven't found yet. The second flim in this series (that I will review also) is entitled: Zorro: A Conspiracy of Blood. Apparently these movies were created for television. They are all in color and about 100 minutes long (1 hour 40 minutes).
  • One of the best! Too long overlooked and features excellent acting and good story lines. Features great action sequences; best of all is the very appealing romance between Duncan Regehr's dashing Zorro and his lovely Victoria, beautiful Patrice Martinez.

    Terrific acting, interesting stories, memorable characters, always a favorite. This is the very best version of Zorro. A really neat feature of the series was the development of the characters; they grew and changed with time and their relationships became more and more interesting. Duncan Regehr plays Zorro with verve, style and individuality; he doesn't try to copy the Disney version. His background as a boxer and ice skater, as well as an artist and poet serve him well here; and he has that indefinable charm and zest which only a few actors can deliver. Regehr gives his own unique flavor - his great looks don't hurt, but he is also athletic, intense, and possesses a very romantic and mysterious edge while making Diego a believably attractive and intelligent but bland alter ego to the swashbuckling Zorro. Yet Diego comes across as a very real and sympathetic hero as flashes of his frustration and his difficulties keeping his two lives separate are evident as well. Patrice Martinez really creates the role of Victoria, Diego/Zorro's love interest, a beautiful tavern keeper who is an independent and fiery senorita but also a hopelessly in love woman who waits faithfully for her sweetheart, never really knowing his true identity. She is truly delightful and you can't help but cheer for this couple. Zorro's very real fear of losing his love if she discovers his identity as Diego gives the relationship extra tension and longing. Other characters are very well acted and enjoyable, including Felipe, Diego's deaf servant, more like a family member, Sgt. Jaime Mendoza, two successive alcaldes and Efrem Zimbalist followed by Henry Darrow as Diego's father. The only disappointment is that the series ended in midseason, with a lot of plot lines left incomplete.
  • a fondly remembered show

    I remember watching this show as a child and I loved it. yes some of the episodes were totally stupid, even more so now that I'm old enough to know good storytelling. but it was fun and not overly violent. plus not a big shock, I thought Felipe was cute. and it was a very smart way to put in some lessons, especially moral ones, by having a sort of father/son relationship between Diego and Felipe. plus since he was a young man who had not gone to university yet, he wouldn't be expected to know all the stuff that Diego learned in Madrid etc. so the whole 'teach the audience' worked very well. unlike on more current shows where you have the young rookie who is smart enough to be a special agent but not smart enough to know whatever you have to teach the audience. i wish this show was out on DVD so I could show it to my nieces and nephews.
  • I thought that I can only get on tilt when playing poker. This movie has the same effect...oddly.

    I thought that I can only get on tilt when playing poker. This movie has the same effect...oddly. This is definitely a pleasant surprise. I will surely look forward to more of Zorro (1990) from now. It just shows you that on any given day, you can discover something refreshing and new. Lucky moi.
  • A family classic that was ended before it's time!

    I absolutely adore the Zorro from the 1990‘s! The storylines had a great sense of continuity, robust action and passionate drama. Unlike the Disney version's episodes with cheesy songs and smiling faces, this version saw our hero screw up, our heroine get shot and our supporting characters often get the limelight!

    Unfortunately, there were many “filler” episodes starring such audacious actors from the late 80‘s as Roddy Piper and Jesse Ventura. However, these did not deter the viewer from tuning in each week. In fact, those episodes managed to endear the characters and their plights even more to the viewers .

    Phillip John Taylor wrote most of my very favorite episodes! He endowed the storyline with rich human angst and startling revelations, as well as a healthy dose of wry, witty humor.

    Duncan Regehr played the fox perfectly! Watch his eyes. The times when they are filled with righteous indignation when he couldn’t immediately jump into action as Don Diego, but had to bide his time long enough to don his mask! Or when he looks at those he loves, the camera captures the depth of his emotion welling up, only to be held back with longing regret.

    His posture creates a sense of comfortable ease when he is Zorro and easygoing calm when he is Diego. Although, most of the pueblo must have Lois Lane Syndrome, the change from Diego to Zorro is given timeless principles and pulled off well.

    Patricia Martinez plays our lovely heroine with vim and vigor! She successfully portrays the “modern” woman Diego wound fall in love with and the strong won’t-go-down-without-a-fight woman Zorro would need as a wife! Her character stands alone without Zorro quite well, but it is Zorro who defines her.

    Senior Alcalde and his loyal, but moral Sergeant Mendoza. What can I say? Michael Tylo plays Zorro’s enemy well. Very well, indeed. He gives just the right amount of ruthlessness and self preservation that would require the services of such a folk hero as Zorro.

    One of my favorite scenes involving Tylo and Regehr is in episode 14 season 2 “It’s a Wonderful Zorro” where Zorro rides up at night to confront the Alcalde, without so much as a word he jumps from his horse and begins to pummel the Alcalde. “I own your evil heart.” Zorro tells him, warning him not to hurt the people anymore, “. . .or I will crush you.” It send shivers down your back. Luis looks up, with blood trickling down his face, “What did I do?” he whimpers, completely unaware of the change that has come over Diego at seeing a future without Zorro’s influence tempering the Alcalde. Fantastic!

    Alright, I must go for now. I will write more later. “Is that a threat?” Nope, doesn’t have to be. I’ll take matters into my own hands and see you all again, soon!

    --Zorro’s “Other Woman”
  • This was my favorite version of Zorro, I used to watch this when it was on the Family Channel back when it was called the Family Channel, I always enjoyed watching this show all the time, and the theme song rocks, and Zorro is greater than ever before.

    This was my favorite version of Zorro, i used to watch this when it was on the Family Channel back when it was called the Family Channel, I always enjoyed watching this show all the time, and the theme song rocks, and Zorro is greater than ever before. Long Live Zorro 1990.
  • Often referred to as \"The New Zorro\", this Family Channel version (along with various international partners) ran from 1989 - 1993 and I would have to say it ranged from being truly brilliant at times to really bad at others.

    The New Zorro excelled best at creating likable characters. Although the plots of the episodes were pretty typical and contrived, you learned to like the cast and they kept you watching. Duncan Regehr made for an imposing Zorro at 6'5, but also had alot of charm and wit to go along with his physical abilities. The rest of the cast did a fine job also. From the blithering Seargant Mendoza to the constantly scheming alcalde.

    Unlike other versions of Zorro, this series made Don Diego into a more scientific man. Through a secret lab in the haciendia, he there used various inventions to help defeat his enemies. For isntance, in the 2 hour pilot movie he used time delay bombs to simulate an army was on his side attacking the pueblo in order to get the alcalde to surrender and repeal taxes. The series was more aimed at teens with subtle messages such as violence isn't always the answer.

    The series lasted 3 and 1/2 seasons. It would be difficult to pick the best season, they all have their share of standout episodes and duds. There were some cast changes after season 1 with Henry Darrow taking over the father role from Efrem Zimbalist. This was an improvement as he played a much more lively father, constantly challenging Diego to do something with his life, and Diego (of course) unable to reveal his that he is Zorro. Also after season 2, John Hertzler replaced Michael Tylo as alcalde. The silver haired Hertzler did a fair job, but lacked the presence and charisma Tylo brought for the first 2 seasons.

    At this point, the series started to become slightly repetitive as well. The episodes plot lines became very weak and the cast seemed to be somewhat disinterested in various episodes. The final 4 episodes of the series were quite good though, with Zorro's identiy revealed by his seperated at birth brother (or was it?)

    One thing that may turn off die hard Zorro fans is the sword fights, the actors have limited fencing skills (including Regehr), and you will at times have a hard time believing they are seriously dueling. Not surprisingly, the swordfights actually made up a little portion of the 30 minute episodes. Some episodes were edited much better - to give the effect they were in a life or death duel. The highlight episode of the entire series (imo), A Deal with the Devil, defenitely got your blood flowing in the ending fight.

    Since this series has long been out of syndication, finding the episodes is very difficult unless you can find an online club where a member might share some episodes. Unfortunately The New Zorro will probably never make its way onto DVD as it never was a huge hit. However, two movies were made from the 4 parter episodes, these are actually the beginning and end of the series and can be bought at Amazon and ebay under the titles: Zorro, the Legend begins and Zorro, A Conspiaracy of Blood. Check them out and if you like them, hunt down the regular episodes.