Forums: Television Hardware: Bad TV picture during day perfect reception at night

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    Well -

    This one has me stumped. I had cable tv, and the picture quality during the day was terrible, but after the sun went down, the picure was perfect. This only occurs in one room...regardless of TV used.

    I just switched to Dish network,and the problem remains. The technician swore that it was the wall jack and switched it no avail. Terrible picture (and sound) daytime, but excellent reception at night.

    Any ideas???



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    Sounds like something is being expanded by daytime heating and/or direct exposure to sunlight, and that expansion is doing something to compromise the picture. Then when the sun goes down and things cool off it contracts, and things go back the way they should. Maybe something expanding is compressing a wire somewhere, or a connection in the wiring is expanding and that expansion is loosening the connection to the point the signal degrades.
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