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Forums: Television Hardware: Best way to get HD from tv to livestream ?

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    I have a few mates who have moved away for a few months and they want me to stream them the football while they are away. I have a satellite that shows alot of the games in HD so im looking to stream them HD. I went ahead and bought a Hauppauge hvr-400-HD tv tuner but it doesnt seem to compatible with flash as it wouldnt let me stream from satellite box.

    It streamed to the software that came with the tuner no problems so it was installed ok. So my questions are how do you stream the best quality from my sat box to one of these sites like livestream etc. Is it via a tv tuner or maybe somthing like a slingbox ? I just came across this will surfing. If its via a tv tuner which ones are compatible with flash ? Can anyone recommend anything to me ?

    Thanks a lot


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