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    And I'm confused about what to do. When it comes down to it, I have to decide if I'll put up with much less TV, or if I'll spend a lot of money.

    I threatened to leave them for AT&T Uverse. They said I am free to do that, which I know. But I have a feeling it will cost more and might not work as well. There is also a complication because Comcast is also my internet service provider and they give me private webpage space that I don't think AT&T provides.

    Right now, I have 2 dual-tuner series 2 TiVos, 1 single-tuner TiVo, and several old VCRs. Only one turner in each dual-tuner can tune into Comcast's digital adapters, so I'd be losing 2 tuners.

    Most of my watching is broadcast networks. I'm 20 miles or more from the transmitter, so OTA is an unreliable option. I have one OTA set-top box, but I haven't tried to figure out if the TiVo IR link can change the channel on that.

    If I try to switch to TiVo Premiere, I'm not sure if I'd also have to pay for a CableCard or how much that costs. I haven't figured out if Comcast has dual or quad tuner DVRs. I think their single tuner ones cost $17/mo.

    There are times when I record 6 programs at the same time. I can get away with some of the digital programs being on at the same time because some of them are shown several times. Some shows are shown online, or OnDemand, so that's an option on those shows. I don't really enjoy watching shows on my computer. I was watching a show and there was 10 mns left and it jumped to another episode. To get back to where I was (and guessing at the time mark), I had to watch all the commercials again. And after watching 5 more mins it jumped to the next episode again. I decided not to bother watching the last 5 mins and just read a recap.

    If I buy a multi-tuner DVR with a QAM tuners, will that allow me to watch the broadcasts stations. They implied a QAM TV didn't require a box for those channels. So that might do the job. (So after all this ranting, my question may boil down to asking for recommendations on multi-tuner QAM DVRs.)

    Even if it costs more, I kind of feel like I want to make sure the money goes to anyone else but Comcast.

    I talked to 3 people at Comcast. Two were in the billing department. One of those said I won't be losing the analog, but the 3rd person was her supervisor and he said she was wrong. I was asking the billing dept if they'd lower my bill so I could pay for new equipment. They wouldn't do that. Or give me some extra equipment for no additional cost, like a DVR. No, they wouldn't do that.

    The best the guy could suggest is that the retention department might give me a discount on my internet service.

    I am so frustrated. And all this while I'm trying to focus on sweep weeks and I also have to do my taxes. I'm already taking medicine for my blood pressure.

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