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Forums: Television Hardware: Connect DVR to Cable Box?

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    [1]Mar 2, 2006
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    I'm trying to connect my DVR (Cyberhome DVR 1600) to my Comcast Cable box. I think I have most of the connections right. I connected the red, white, and yellow chords from the DVR to the cable box. Then, I got another set of red, white, and yellow chords and connected it from the DVR to the actual TV. The only problem now is that the audio doesn't work when I use the cable channels on the DVR (the picture is fine). Do I need another wire, or what?
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    [2]Mar 27, 2006
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    Those kind of cables - Red, White, Yellow - are called RCA cables.

    Yellow = video
    Red and white = audio (I forget which is right and which is left channel)

    If you are getting no audio using RCA cables - that is very weird.

    Now, getting now audio using an S-video cable is very normal - it doesn't have any conductors for an audio signal.

    If you use an S-video cable to connect TV to VCR, I think you need to connect your Red and White RCA cables still. Just make sure you DON'T connect your Yellow RCA cables!!! You don't want to do video through two different sets of cables at once.

    Makes sense?

    S-video has better picture image, by the way, than the Yellow RCA cable does. It has more conductors inside - so it carries the signals separately. Think of the different signals as a bunch of rowdy college kids in a car driving up the highway to a concert on a Friday night.

    If each kid is in a separate car. They don't bother each other. Hopefully.

    If each signal is in a different conductor and are shielded from each other. They don't bother each other.
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