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    Hi. Last night, pretty much at this exact time, I started hearing a high pitch noise coming from my TV. It was completely random, it had been on for a few hours previous to it, it just started as I was putting a game in my PlayStation 3 (so it was in the PS3's menu). I can hear the noise whether, i'm watching Tv, playing games, whatever. I asked my mom if she could hear it and she said she couldn't hear a thing. The noise is so irratating that it get's stuck in my head for up to a few hours (depending on how long I listen to it). I just came to my dads and his TV did the same thing, only it was even higher pitch. I just got the PS3 a day before it started happening, and it first started making the noise when my PS3 was on and connected to the TV, is my PS3 like a TV killer or something? My mom said my aunt started having the same problem recently. I dont think I will be able to live with this for much longer. it is the most annoying thing I have ever heard.

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    Tube televisions have a flyback transformer and that is usually where the high-pitch sound comes from. I don't know why you would have just started hearing it. Maybe something in the set has started reverberating to it and therefore amplifying the sound. It's possible that if something in the room has been moved it changes how the sound echoes. Sometimes it's possible to find a "dead spot" in the room where the echos cancel each other out.

    I'm assuming that it's not just ringing in your ears, which I have and it sounds the same. Of course, it doesn't go away when I turn the TV off or go somewhere else. There is no way I can get away from it.

    LCD or plasma TV should not make this sound.

    One of my TVs started making a crackling sound this morning for the first time, but it stopped.
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    A few months ago, my TV started making a kind of a high picthed whine/screech, almost like a warped whistle. And it stops when i turn the TV off, when i turn the TV on, sometimes it starts again. My parents say i might need a new TV, i don't know if that's the case. We purchased it a few years ago, so it's basically new, 2 or 3 years ago i think. I haven't taken it to the repair shop or anything though, other than that the tv's fine. But, I hope you can fix yours, i hope i could help. YW.
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    hey mine did that too and then it lost some colours...
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