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    Hey guys, I seem to be having a sound problem with my TV, and I'm at a loss where to even start. I live in a college dorm that provides a cable jack in every room. The TV my roommate and I were using was small, so last winter (December 2010), we purchased a new Samsung LCD series 3 TV from Sears.

    Naturally, it worked at first, but around April, my roommate noticed that we were having sound problems. On select channels, the dialogue would be muted. The background music would come through just fine, but for some reason we could not hear what the people were saying. None of the other TVs on our floor were having this problem. I tried to find some information online, but couldn't find another case with this problem, so I sort of gave up on it. Over the summer, the TV wasn't used, so I didn't think much more about it.

    Now it's fall, and my roomate and I are back at the dorm. I brought my TV back with me, hoping that this year it would work. At first it seemed fine- I could hear them talking on one of the channels that was previously muted. But then it turns out that some of the dialogue on the other channels is still muted, and some of the channels that were a few months ago are muted now.

    Again, NONE of the other TVs in the dorm have this problem. I'm even in a different room from last year. I tried calling Samsung tech support, but they claim that because the problem is not on every channel, it has to be a cable problem. I have no idea where to go from here- the TV is still under warranty, but if Samsung denies the problem with the TV, I can't get my money back. Any thoughts or help you have to offer would be great.

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    I tried looking at TV specs, but can't say how the speakers work. It sounds like there could be a center-channel (which is typically the voice in Dolby 5.1/7.1 setups) equivalent in there somewhere that's failing. Since there's only two speakers, it tough to say if it's some software that reads 5.1 but outputs to your two speakers and that's gone bad. Could the difference in sound problems be between channels that broadcast in 5.1 and those that just broadcast in stereo? Make a list of channels that are good and bad and look for commonalities.

    Also, try hooking up other stuff to see how it works. If a DVD has the same sound issues, it's definitely not the cable (and I don't think it's the cable).
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