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    I am wondering about my Visio Model #: VA19L HDTV10T, serial #: LZSDUAK3817070.

    Someone took it for a night, and brought it back saying it wouldn't turn on. As standard with Visio, there is an orange "idle" light. It is no longer turning on. I have a service port in the back, and I was hoping if I plugged it in, I could figure out my issue. Alas, it didn't tell me anything, BUT the orange light did in fact come on.

    I made the, in my opinion, mistake of trying the power button. The white light replaced the orange and then slowly faded. Now if I unplug the USB from my service port, and plug it back in, the white light is now the only one that comes on, and each time it slowly fades.

    First I am curious if the service port is connected enough to actually power the TV even a little bit, causing the light to do said process. Secondly, if so, I am wondering if my fuse possibly burnt out, and I am only getting the light due to having the USB plugged into it. Lastly, I'm wondering if there is anyway I can figure out my issue BEFORE I start replacing things.

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