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Forums: Television Hardware: magnavox 32MD357-B37

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    [1]Nov 14, 2013
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    hi guys, thanks for letting me join, and forgive me if im posting in the wrong place. i need some help diagnosing a problem im having with this LCD set. it started out as a no power on problem so i pulled the back off and noticed several bulging caps. the caps were available at the shack so i pulled the old ones and replaced them. turned on the set and was delighted to see it power right up, bright and beautiful picture, however my delight was short lived as maybe 10 secs after it powered up, there was a click that sounded like maybe a relay and the went dark the set still comes on, but it looks like the backlight has gone out, i can see the display on the screen, but just barely.. anyone familiar with anything like this, or have a similar experience? the set is a magnavox 32MD357-B37.. thanks! greg in pcola

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