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Forums: Television Hardware: Vizio Tv Need Help !

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    [1]Feb 25, 2013
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    I have a vizio lcd tv and now am having power issues. I didn't get the "pop of death" with the power board going out. Basically when you plug in the cord, the standby display light comes on but the power will not come on the tv. When you push the power button nothing happens. The display light though begins to fade a few seconds after plugging it in. Since this started happening I've been able to get it on a few times by plugging it in and quickly pushing the button. I've had it on now for a while but someone accidentally turned it off the other day. So now I can't get it to come back on. I'm not sure what is wrong and vizio customer support is no help they simply try to give me the number of people who want 300 dollars to fix my tv... I've tried all of the obvious options power recycle, unplugging and replugging in, and now I have the back off of my tv and can't see any obvious issue. If anyone has any suggestions that would be awesome.

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