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    My parents have now encountered a new problem with our television and I hope you can answer for me. Sometimes when we watch our shows the TV channels have a habit of turning blue and we have not figured out what causes this. The TV channels turn blue for a few minutes then return to normal in a few hours but now we noticed that the screen turns blue every time each day and the only way we tried to fix this is I had Dad turn the TV off then turn it back on and it seemed to work,

    What causes TV channels to turn screens blue on TV's,


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    Do you mean solid blue (w/no sound), or blue tint? The first one could mean you're losing the signal, depending on the TV and what's connected to it. The second one, I would have no idea. How old is the TV? What kind (brand name or model, if possible) of TV is it?
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    The most likely explanation is that your reception is dropping out for the channels in question. If it's a new TV with digital reception, that would probably explain it, since when a digital signal is lost, it goes entirely, rather than having "shadows" or various other things which would make an analogue signal look terrible but still remain watchable. If the TV has an option to do it (most new ones do) try looking at the signal quality for the channels you're having trouble with. If it's low and goes out completely when the picture turns blue, there's your problem.
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