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The Adventures of Pete & Pete: Blog
Nickelodeon (ended 1996)
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The Adventures of Pete and Pete was a surreal comedy in which a peaceful suburban... more »

Show Summary [edit]

The Adventures of Pete and Pete was a surreal comedy in which a peaceful suburban neighborhood was a strange and skewed world as seen through the eyes of pre-teens. Wellsville, USA contained many different unique characters, such as: two brothers that were both named Pete, the metal plate in their mom's head, Artie the spandex-wearing super-hero, and Petunia, little Pete's tatoo. The Adventures of Pete and Pete originated as a series of one-minute vignettes in 1990, was expanded into a series of five specials, and then became a regular series in late 1993. The show was filmed in Leonia, New Jersey. Episodes (or portions of episodes) were also filmed in the New Jersey towns of South Orange and Cranford. The theme song to the show is called "Hey Sandy" and is sung by the band Polaris. The band has an album entitled Music from the Adventures of Pete & Pete that features nothing but songs from the show. The lyrics to the theme song are as follows: Hey smilin' strange, you're lookin' happily deranged Can you settle to shoot me? Or have you picked your target yet, hey Sandy ai yai yai yai... Don't you talk back, ai yai yai yai, hey Sandy Four feet away, end of speech it's the end of the day We was only funnin', but guiltily I thought you had it comin', hey Sandy, ai yai yai yai Don't ya talk back, ai yai yai yai, hey Sandy, hey... In 1995, The Adventures of Pete and Pete received a Cable Ace Award for Outstanding Children's Series. In recent years, The Adventures of Pete and Pete made its first release on DVD in 2005 under the Rewind Collection title. The Nickelodeon company apparently gave in to demands by fans of the "cult classic" and released the first season of the series along with Nick's other classic show, "Clarissa Explains it All" in May 17th 2005. Sadly, the Rewind Collection's only other release as of now is the second season of P&P, released in November 11, 2005. Although the third and final season was scheduled for a February 28, 2005 release, it has been completely removed from the release schedule without any excuse.


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The Adventures of Pete & Pete: Blog

Pete and Pete in Filter magazine

No folks, it's not a lie; we've actually got an update! Filter magazine's got a six page interview with Michael Marrona (Big Pete) Danny Tamberelli (Little Pete) and co-creator Will McRobb. Why they didn't interview Chris Viscardi (other co-creator) is beyond me . Anyways, check out the forum for other people's thoughts (though so far, it's just me, but whatever) and check either this entry later or my profile for some scans and some side commentary on my behalf if 1) I ever get the magazine and 2) if I don't get caught by tv.com ...

And of course, thanks to Miroku_of_Nite1 for the update.

And yeah, the third season's nowhere to be found ...

EDIT: scans for your enjoyment! Warning: the last 4 scans are pretty big. (And for the sake of the website, the pages are from the fall '06 issue of Filter magazine.) And if you're interested, here's my little story of how I got the issue.
The first two pages are just your standard "introduction pages"

Page 3 has a quick run-down of the series for anyone not in the know and begins the interview with series co-creator Will McRobb, which goes on until most of the fourth page. Some interesting points of this interview are McRobb's background info on our favorite superhero, Artie, who was originally more creepy than he was in the series.

Page 4 leaves off with the beginning of Danny Tamberelli (Little Pete) who basically talks about his experience on the show and how it influenced his music tastes (It is a music magazine, after all.) The fifth page also has a mini interview with David Johansen (Park Ranger Thorsen in the episode "On Golden Pete") who talks about how Tamberelli would occasionally hang out with him on the set.

Finally, the sixth page has Michael Maronna's (Big Pete) interview. The beginning interview questions aren't that related to the series, but the later ones give a really quick window into what the future of the series could have been. There's also another mini interview, this time with the group Luscious Jackson's Jill Cunnif, who talks about performing with her band in the episode "Dance Fever."
, Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

All in all, it's always good to know that P&P is getting some sort of publicity. The handfuls of neat little trivia for us fans of the series is also a plus. However, I was pretty disappointed to find that the article pictures were merely taken from the cover art from the DVD releases. It would have been cool to at least get some shots of what the Petes and McRobb look like now. But still, $5.63 (tax included) isn't that bad of a price, even if you just want the issue for this particular article.
Posted by petewrigley 11/01/2006 4:29pm comments: 4


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  • Thanks for scanning this man! I was shocked when I came across this in the book store since I normally don't look at music magazines but this one caught my eye. Anyway thanks again for the scans so everyone can now have a chance to see it after this goes out of print.

  • Just got it today,and i got a great idea: Since Mike Maronna was about to star in Big Pete Moves On,and Clarissa Now was almost bought,what if they did a cross-over/spin-off when Big Pete,Ellen,Clarissa & Sam all met at the same college?

  • Though I think crossovers should only be done when the show's running out of good ideas, both series have long been over, so I guess some kind of crossover would be good to put the shows in the spotlight again (maybe even air it on TeenNick or something). [/wishful_thinking]

  • Awesome. I really wish more people knew about this great show. I love it.

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