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A word of warning before you proceed. Not all of these videos will be suitable for young children.

Its been a few months since I posted A Big Bundle of Animated Shorts so I thought now would be a good time to post a second bundle to brighten up someones day.

Up first is Wayne the Stegosaurus.
The animation isn't revolutionary, the protagonist doesn't have any dialogue and there is no plot.....BUT, its funny, cute and gives me a warm feeling inside ;-)

(via aran quinn)

Next is The Legend of the Flying Tomato

A short animation about overcoming obstacles and finding your inner strength

(via Aurry )

The Terrible Thing of Alpha-9! is a fun short was a SVA graduation film from 2009 - and reminds me of a pet I had when I was younger

(via jake armstrong )

Changing tone totally, Tsume is a twisted horror-ish short


A-Hole In Time is all A-Hole traveling in time (they really nailed it with the title ;-) )

( via Ricepirate )

Chair of Pollet looks like a short from Studio Ghibli - because the guy who made it used to work for them.

(via noitaminaofficial )

To display the contrast of styles you can find in animation, Legacy is a slick CGI alien short

(via Grzegorz Jonkajtys)

Another CGI short that reminds me of the shorts Pixar has made, Pinnipèdes is about a little bird annoying to elephant seals

(via victor caire )

Dark Noir combines 2D and 3D in stunning effect.
But the background to this animation could be considered its most interesting part :

"Dark Noir, a co-created animated short film by Rafael Grampá, Absolut and Facebook fans worldwide.
The ambitious challenge invited people around the world to unleash their imaginations and transform their ideas into an animated film. During a live interactive three-week period, on Facebook/Absolut, Grampá encouraged consumers to take part and influence the action and storyline as he wrote it. To help him transform his 2D characters and script into 3D, Grampá teamed up with Red Knuckles animation studio.
Grampá, Rick Thiele and Mario Ucci and their team of animators then transformed the crowd-sourced suggestions into an animated short film which premiered at MADE Berlin March 2014."

(via Gillian Glendinning)

And finally.
Francis is a short horror animation, based on a short story that first debuted on the radio program This American Life.

(via Not To Scale)

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