Liar, wife The Mary Watsons of the XXIst century have changed our perception of Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and Elementary alike. They have become agents of their own destiny, a grieving fiancee that found love again and a one night stand between Mycroft Holmes and Watson that Elementary's Sherlock wishes never to deduce again.

No matter what you think of them, these extraordinary women...and gentleman share one very important thing with Shelock Holmes: they are about the only character in the Holmes 'verse that know the real value of Watson...and Joan Watson. And the only character that would put up with his - and her - best friend for them.

Which one is the greatest? The expert shooter - and assassin - that just wanted a normal life (Sherlock), the proper governess that shines in the Guy Ritchie movies (A Game of Shadows) or the entrepreneur that knows just the right way to annoy his little brother (Elementary)? May the best Mary...or Mycroft win!


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