Books lend themselves to being really easy to be adapted into movies, but the same can't be said for TV shows. The limited source material has to go through an awful lot of changes, lengthening, editing etc. be readily adaptable to be converted into a show. In this process sometimes the shows can lose the essence of the book or recreate its own essence different from the source. In the end it really depends upon the show how it pulls of the story and if its able to attract viewers as many of the shows fans are the ones who haven't ever read the book.

Some of these shows fall flat on their backs from the get go and are downright terrible.

Some are great and are destined to be great forever.

While some others start great and go downhill from there.

Despite some of the failures TV shows based on books are now the rage and are only going to increase in numbers and quality due to their success. Till then sound off your own best and worst TV shows based on books in comments.

Also, Check out this cool new trailer of FX's The Strain based on a novel by Del Toro and Chuck Hogan.

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