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Technically, two of the shows are action-adventure, but they are all beautifully edited, so I won't be picky.

5) Hayley and Elijah: The Originals version
It captures the repressed emotional rollecoaster that is their relationship from beginning to end.

4) Molly and Sherlock: Sherlock version
It revolves around their now famous unrquited crush from both ends: hers and his.

3) Daryl and Beth: The Walking Dead version
Its so weird to find a Say Something vid not based on Rick & Lori yet, somehow, this one works.

2) Jaime and Brienne: Game of Thrones version
* Spoilers for the latest episode of season 4* Painfully accurate and beautifully crafted.

1) Fitz-Simmons: Marvel's Agents of SHIELD version

First "Say Something" vid I've ever seen. No Jemma Simmons were harmed in the making of the episode.


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