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So as of this writing, on 1/10, no 1/8 episode of The Gifted. Or no 1/15 episode, either. There is a 1/20 episode listed, if you want to watch The Gifted on Sunday. (Hint: There is no episode of The Gifted on 1/20.) "hoMe" is an episode, but it airs on 1/15 rather than 1/20 as TVCom claims.

And I'm sure there are other new episodes missing as well. For instance, next week's 1/15 episode of The Flash still isn't listed. Even though the 1/17 episode of Supernatural is listed. But Flash might still appear in the next five days. I'd illustrate with an incredibly witty and breathtaking image, but the image-importing for community threads still doesn't work.

So basically you can't find out when popular tv shows air episodes, on a TV database site. Which is "the most complete TV site anywhere". Really, that's what CBSI tells us. But enough of their comedy routine.

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Jun 15, 2019
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