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What the hell. Seriously. That was some intense point and click adventuring! Like seriously. I pointed and clicked the bejeezus out of it.

Telltale yay! The Walking Dead: Season 2 and The Wolf Among Us are most likely going to be released bi-monthly. Which is fantastic.

Now that we got that out of the way, I'd like to say that the post will contain MASSIVE SPOILERS. Don't read this or watch any of the images if you haven't played the episode and plan on playing it later. And also... Buy this game and play it. If you are one of those guys that have thought that the Walking Dead TV-show is lacking in drama or that the drama is not well executed, this is the game for you...

This is more of a experimental article. A recap and then a few notes on the MVP of the episode (the bulletin points are at the very bottom, but they aren't as detailed as in the previous articles). God damn it, I got bored of the bulletin articles. Sorry! This will most likely be a one time only thing. These episodes contain a lot more than a normal TV-show episode and a 'small recap' is hard for me ( I was supposed to write a more in-depth analysis and speculations on some of the characters... Got toooooo long). Anyways...

”Short” recap:

Carver is taking your group to his base of operations, a mall. When you reach the mall you are introduced to plenty of characters. Including: Reggie (a man who helped this season 2 group escape the first time), Mike (a silent and grumpy man) and Jane (a silent woman who appearantly was captured when she was sneaking around the mall covered in guts).

It doesn't take long for Kenny to start plan your escape. Despite of what Carver is saying that this mall is a safe haven and that you are given another chance, Kenny knows that it's a prison. And acts accordingly. His rashness and his emotions towards Clementine get him into trouble a few times. S02 group is sure to point his rashness out during the few 'group debate' scenes.

Luke, who was the only character missing in the end of the last episode, is in the mall. He has come to save you all! Yay! Except that he's completely exhausted, hasn't slept in a few days and has not eaten in a while. So he's really not the guy you want to trust your life with... Despite this, he asks that you bring him a walkie talkie that Carver's men are using. He can use this gain knowledge of the guards posts and shifts and find an opening for an escape. A little bit of sneaking and Clementine gets the walkie talkie but now she has to get it to Luke.

Bonnie is acting protective of Clementine. She is obviously torn in regard of Carver. She was supposed to escape with the S02 group but chickened out and it seems that she is starting to regret it. Especially after Carver throws Reggie from the roof of the mall because of Sarah's and Clementine's mistakes. You can decide to let Bonnie in on your plan to give a walkie talkie to Luke in order to escape, and she just says ”Do it” or you can choose to not include her. Whatever you choose, Luke is still captured and Bonnie decides to help you escape. Illusion of choice, folks! But I don't mind.

Carver has found Luke and a walkie talkie he had. He is demanding to know who has the other walkie talkie and if you choose to take the blame, Kenny steps up and takes it instead. Carver assault Kenny and Kenny is saved only by Bonnie's news that the herd of zombies is getting closer. As Carver and rest of his gang are going to reinforce the perimeter, Bonnie stays behind and tells S02 group that they are escaping... Tonight.

That would be bad in a zombie apocalypse. Depth perception is kind of important in melee combat.

Escape doesn't go as planned... Of course. You activate the PA system of the mall to draw the herd to you. The plan is to cover the group in guts and walk out of the mall. However, as Carver's group is on the roof, dealing with the herd, Carver has captured your group and Bonnie (he has an assault rifle). He hasn't noticed that you are missing which helps you get the drop on him and after that your group disarms him. However, it's Kenny who John Reese-kneecaps Carver and beats him to death. You can choose to watch or leave.

I'm kind of bummed about Carver's death. He was a menacing and good villain.

One of Carver's goons busts you when you are covering yourselves in zombie guts. Jane shoots him in his... Private parts and leaves him for the zombies. That Carver's goon hit Clementine when she tried to help Kenny. So no harm done!

Jane is a badass! Hopefully they will give her a proper backstory in the next episode.

Badum tss...

During the zombie-gut-walk out of the mall, things go wrong. Carver's group is on the roof shooting the zombies and you look like zombies. Sarah's father gets shot (so S02 group doesn't have a doctor anymore, which is bad considering Kenny's injuries), Sarah runs off, Kenny's girlfriend is bitten and then becomes The final choice. Do you use your miniature axe to kill the zombie that is biting Sarita's arm or do you just go for the arm immediately in hopes of saving Sarita's life.

So that's the recap that was supposed to be short... I figured I'd talk about the character that I felt like stood out the most.

MVP: Bonnie AND Kenny

Despite Kenny being an MVP, I'm going to focus on Bonnie. Kenny is more established as a good guy who's willing to do a lot for the ones he cares. Bonnie is more of a mystery. She started as a morally grey character and is working towards a redemption of sorts... And I'm a fool for redemption arcs.

Bonnie was my favorite character in 400 Days. Weird, I know. She wasn't as independent as the rest of the cast in the DLC and it was fascinating. It kind of prepared me for the second season. Clementine can't do everything herself and the fact that Bonnie was kind of a weak character made the transition a bit smoother. With Lee we were the reaction and with Clem we are only a catalyst. We can encourage people to take action or suggest that they won't do anything. With Lee we would have done it or not have done it (and often Clementine's reactions still manipulated our actions as Lee).

Bonnie's loyalty and respect for Carver is one of the big things in this episode. She hoped that the fact that she found you in previous episode would have made the whole ordeal a bit less bloody. She acknowledges that Carver might be a bit too violent but she also acknowledges that this man is the reason she's alive and that despite his cruelty, he has managed to keep his group safe.

Bonnie's struggles with her morality and loyalties also underline how effective the decision to make Clementine a protagonist was. Bonnie would have been a lot more sceptical if Lee told her everything that Clementine did. This game does play well with the fact that children are thought of unspoilt and unsullied by the evil in the world. You can manipulate people easier as a kid. Remember ”Sad eyes” from the first episode? But the fact that redeems Bonnie is not the fact that she's was 'manipulated' by us. It's the fact that she would have helped you anyway. You can be as cold as you want toward her but she will help you escape after Carver beats Kenny. Because in her heart she leans more on the side of good.

I can't wait for the next episode. I just want to thank Bonnie... For the awesome jacket.

Awkward pose

Some random notes about the episode:
  • Not that much of interacting with other survivors.
    • Then again, there was a burning need to get the hell out of Carver's base so chatting about people's pasts would have been a mistake in my opinion. This felt like it really was a priority to get out.
      • I am very confident that the next episode is going to delve into the back stories of Jane and Mike and address everything that happened in this episode.
  • The episode was quite short. It took about 2 hours for me because I just had to investigate everything.
    • The season 2 has not had that much of puzzle solving and I think that takes a lot out of the over all play time. I would go as far as to say that while S02's average episode is shorter than S01's, it has more to offer. The pacing is more brutal, the conversations adapt to the situation (no heart-to-hearts during a herd attack) and more interesting characters.
      • The pacing is very brutal. The TV-show would have played this scenario for atleast 10 episodes.
  • So the rest of Carver's group is going to survive? Or was 400 Days just so only Bonnie would properly appear in season 2 as a possible mentor/friend/something.
    • I hope so. I want to kill Shel's sister. That coldhearted teenager who thinks she is better than everyone just because she's a douchebag. If it would have been possible, I would have left her behind during Shel's story in 400 Days.
  • Carver making Carlos hit his daughter was unpleasant.
  • That last choice was afwul. I panicked. I just went for Sarita's hand immediately. The second the two bubbles (one on the zombie's head, on on Sarita's hand) I just clicked Sarita. In hindsight, killing the zombie, getting out of the herd and amputating with the group would have been a lot more wise.
  • Who is Jane? By the looks of the preview of the next episode, she's going to teach Clementine a thing or two and help her get a bit more ruthless. Is she a hero, antihero, a villain posing as a friend?
    • During the preview I think it was her voice that said that the group is slowing Clementine down. Maybe she was abandoned and has grown bitter.
      • I'm calling it! The next episode will reveal that Jane has diabetes and that she escaped from Crawford and that she thinks that her sister, Molly, abandoned her. Most likely not true. It would be cool though.

This episode made it pretty clear, Telltale's Game of Thrones game is probably going to be a lot more violent and emotionally tolling than Game of Thrones itself is. Hopefully it's as good as The Walking Dead games are.

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