Fans of the murder mystery movies on Lifetime Television won’t be disappointed with the network’s recent installment, “Her Secret Family Killer.”

The story revolves around Sarah (Brooke Nevin), who gets a DNA testing kit from her best friend for her birthday. Unfortunately, her best friend winds up dead that same night. In a surprise, the local Sheriff, who also happens to be her besties grieving husband, reveals that DNA shows the killer is related to Sarah. We soon learn that Sarah’s brother (Darin Brooks) was having an affair with her bestie and is being framed for her murder. But by who? Well, here’s the twist – it was her husband, the local Sheriff, who learned about his wife’s affair and used the DNA gift to setup her lover. Case closed; mystery solved.

So, who portrays the local Sheriff turned killer? It's actor Matt Shevin. He’s been popping up all in a bunch of film and TV projects, including Adam Carolla’s film “Road Hard,” the daytime soap “The Bold and the Beautiful,” in addition to late-night shows “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” Matt also hit the festivals as writer, producer and star of the short, “The Beneficiary,” directed by Oscar nominee Theodore Melfi (“Hidden Figures”).

Matt is currently creating a new workplace comedy set at an advertising agency, which he also stars. And, he continues to share his journey on his blog:
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