Dec 02, 2014
The Blowies 2014:'s Worst Of The Year Awards (Users Edition) - Time To Nominate! recently asked for submissions for the Top TV Moments of 2014.......but the thing that a lot of users spend time talking about is the bad stuff.
And we’re here to reward the bad stuff with's 2nd, (and possibly annual), Blowie Awards – the worst moments of TV chosen by users/members.
May 15, 2014
Television's Best Title Sequences
I'll show you mine if you show me yours!
What are your best Television Title Sequences?
Aug 27, 2014
(Un)Resolved Couples: Do Ships Sink?
TV couples, don’t you love them and don’t you hate them. Tv is a special landscape as we do not get that many happy couples. Happy couples are dull, boring, have nothing to say and seldom bring joy to our screen. That is very curious as happiness in general in ‘normal’ life is fun and good to watch.

In my personal life I remember fellow students who had their girlfriends since high school, they married them right after their final exams and they had a very happy and peaceful life sitting behind the tv sets every evening. I went the other way, a life with more risks, more gains but also more falls and I am pretty sure I have never been as happy as they belief they are. But I am sure my life was so very less dull and that’s worth a lot. It’s ...Read more
Apr 30, 2014
Which New March/April Show Will You Continue To Watch?
First a quick note from another contributor:

"I have a request. If you liked reading this post, please give it a heart, either on the top right side or bottom left side of the post. Please do this for all the (featured) posts from all the writers you read and like. It is the reward for us (non-paid amateur) writers who try to make this site more fun for us all. In this way we know it is appreciated what we do and we will keep on writing. It also will alert staff that we like the show and it might get more coverage."

Which of these new shows have won a regular place on your schedule and which ones have filled you with rage or mild disappointment? It's 4 Episode Test time.
(I was actually hoping to post these separately but didn't I have time at the ...Read more
May 03, 2014
Television Developed Into/From a Movie
Which TV shows made the best movies? Which Movies made for the best TV? What would you develop into either from what is currently out there?
Dec 23, 2013
The Blowies 2013: Announcing The Winnners (Award Ceremony)

I'd like to thank all everyone who participated with The Blowies 2013, and if you just want to check out the winners and not read me abusing TV shows, actors and actresses, then you can click here.

Coming almost live from the community center down the street from the offices (because they wouldn't spring for decent venue), Welcome to The Blowies 2013 - sponsored by Viagropolk, Latvia's no.1 off brand erectile dysfunctional and cold remedy.

Hosting the ceremony is Grumpyclown......

(absolutely no reaction from the crowd).

Thank you for that warm welcome.

So after tons of nominations, a huge amount of votes - and some other stuff - here we are at the top of the mountain, awarding Blowies to the worst of the year, as chosen by members.

Unfortunately a lot of the nominees declined their invites for some strange reason, but there are ...Read more
Apr 25, 2014
The Worst Mistake by a TV Character
Mistakes are a part of life, but in television they are a major plot point. Where did a character in television just totally drop the ball?
Have some fun!
May 22, 2014
Another 20 questions (part 1)
Tell us your answers (sex, drugs and rock'n roll not all included)
Jan 20, 2015
The Man In The High Castle: Pilot Review
Now keeps losing a bit of its grip on the online market, it keeps on trying to get a bigger hold on the television market. Last week they released their first pilot season for 2015. Of the thirteen new pilots, six are for kids and of the seven for adults, especially one seems interesting enough it has a chance to be made into a whole series: The Man In The High Castle.

It is based upon a Hugo Award-winning alternative history novel by Philip K. Dick (PKD), the masterful writer who became more recognised after the film Blade Runner. Beside the thirteen movies and now two tv-series and a pilot based upon his stories, he had a huge influence on a lot of other films and tv-series. He has been dead now for over three decades, but his grip on and prediction of our present and possible future ...Read more
Dec 04, 2015
The Blowies 2015:'s User's Worst Of The Year Awards - Nominate Your Least Favorite TV Of 2015!
Usually around this time of year asks users for submissions for their Top TV Moments of the year....and I ask users for their WORST moments.
What character annoyed you, what plot line appalled you....What TV pissed you off!!!

It’s time to vent all your frustrations from the year, (and have some fun doing it)
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