May 15, 2018
Actress Nadege August Stands-Out in ABC’s ‘Alex, Inc.’

Sometimes, well actually a lot of the time, TV shows don’t make it passed their freshman season. Even ones that have a bankable name and executive producer at the helm can get axed. That seems to be the case for ABC’s Alex, Inc.

But, that doesn’t mean that there weren’t some stand-outs during the show. One I believe worth mentioning is actress Nadege August. She popped in a couple times during the season as the serious Ad Exec that Alex was forced to meet with about his podcast.

Nadege can also be seen in her own comedy web series, Bougie Dilemma, currently streaming on Amazon; and she stars as a Detective in the new indie sci-fi feature film Out of Time which heads to the Cannes Film Market this month.

Previously, Nadege appeared in Sony’s The Brothers starring Shemar Moore and Morris Chestnut, and Gary ...Read more
May 11, 2018
Actress Elena Campbell-Martinez Brings a Healing Approach to Starz Series ‘Vida’

A slice of life in East LA has come to the small screen with the new Starz series, Vida. It’s a realistic tale of two sisters in the Latinx community dealing with the good, the bad and everything they didn’t know – like their mother was queer.

Actress Elena Campbell-Martinez enters the story in the first episode as ‘Doña Lupe’, the local spiritual healer or curandera, who speaks to the dead and offers sage advice to the grieving sisters.

Earlier this year, Elena appeared in Clint Eastwood’s terrorist attack biopic, The 15:17 to Paris. She is also recognized as the housekeeper in CBS’s The Big Bang Theory, as Gloria’s old hair salon boss on Modern Family, and for recurring as ‘Lisa’ on Amazon’s Hand of God. Originally from Texas and a graduate of Rice University, Elena credits her passion for acting to her Mami ...Read more
Jul 02, 2014
Who are the Characters You Hate on the TV Shows You Love?
No matter how much you love a show, sometimes there is a character that just drives you up the wall. Who is yours?
Dec 07, 2013 Worst of 2013 Awards (Members' Edition) Blowies (formerly Razzies)

So Vicky8675309 came up with this idea (you can check the original post Here), and at the time I thought it was a good idea. And then she dumped it on "Here monkey boy, polish this turd for me -make it pretty....and smile while you do it bitch!"

I was afraid to say no - when I said no before, she threatened to cut me or make me watch a 'Dads' marathon (I'd prefer to get cut) - so.....

The Best of 2013 nominations are currently being decided....which, I suppose is nice....but the things that a lot of users spend time talking about is the bad stuff.

And we’re here to reward the bad stuff with the Blowies.

What show disappointed you, which character annoyed, what plot line made you think that chimps had written the ...Read more
Jun 12, 2014
Who Are the Best New Anti-Heroes on TV?
Who are the current group of Anti-Heroes on television that have your full attention? And which ones past and present are in your Hall of Fame?
Dec 15, 2013
The Blowies: A Members' Poll for the Worst TV Moments of the Year

We’re here to decide upon some of the most irritating parts of TV this year and reward them with a Blowie... that sounds wrong... let me reword that... Vicky8675309 had an idea, nominate the worst stuff on TV this year and give them a Blowie... still sounds wrong... give me a minute.
Ok. AS is doing the “Best” of 2013 awards, we decided to do a Worst of 2013 Awards – The Blowies!

Last weekend we gave you a list of categories for nominations and I had the delightful task of sifting through all of the nominations, tallying them and putting these polls together with the top 10 nominations for each category.

If all the nominations were listed it would have taken forever to produce the poll – or to vote on it! Also please note, members of chose the candidates in the categories and there is ...Read more
Apr 25, 2014
Which Series Changed Your Life?
My world changed after I started to watch Twin Peaks.
Apr 02, 2015
TV. com READERS TOP 30 shows of the PAST five years - THE RESULTS

Hi guys, the results are finally HERE !

I have prepared a set meal for you to savor which include some appetizers but if you prefer to jump right into the main course and read the results immediately then please skip the intro and analysis


  1. I was the one who came out with the idea for our own reader's list but I did not do this exercise to criticize the writers. I enjoy Noel's reviews tremendously (except when he hated stalker). I am warming up to Katlin. I do enjoy some of Cory's reviews too. The original writers list was from a combination of eight writers/staff. I disagree with some of shows and ranking on their list but they are entitled to their opinions just like all of us.
  2. I merely wanted to see what is the difference if we made our own list. That was ...
Read more
Mar 15, 2015
Who Are Our Favourite Geek Girls
Geeks, nerds, you know, those adorable strange characters we so often see in tv series and so seldom in real life. We like them, despite how they act and how they see themselves. If they weren’t adorable they would not be the geeks we like geeks to be on tv. We have come a long way from a world where geeks were the outcasts, the ones chosen last on any occasion (sports….), made fun of or even worse. Geeks were the ones being bullied by the guys and girls we were supposed to love. But movies like ‘Revenge of the nerds’ changed that image and in ‘21 Jump street’ (the 2012 movie), we were shown how the world had changed. Geeks rock the world.

Over the last decades they have become real assets to our series. Looking back over the last decades, we have had a bunch of boys ...Read more
Dec 02, 2014
The Blowies 2014:'s Worst Of The Year Awards (Users Edition) - Time To Nominate! recently asked for submissions for the Top TV Moments of 2014.......but the thing that a lot of users spend time talking about is the bad stuff.
And we’re here to reward the bad stuff with's 2nd, (and possibly annual), Blowie Awards – the worst moments of TV chosen by users/members.
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